Mexico government to issue decree in favor of Haitian immigrants

U.S.A.Mexico government to issue decree in favor of Haitian...

Ramírez Silva pointed out that a clear date has not yet been set for the issuance of the decree (Photo: EFE / Juan Manuel Blanco)

general coordinator of Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid (comer), Andres Ramírez Silva reported that the Mexican government is preparing a decree for the benefit of Haitian immigrants Those who cross the country for the purpose of reaching the United States.

According to Ramírez Silva, although there is still no fixed date for daylight viewing, he pointed out that the Under Secretary Human Rights, Population and Migration, Alejandro Encinas Rodriguezconfirmed that it is being prepared.

“Haitians do not come to the country because of persecution or general violence, but for economic reasons, which excludes them from the definition of asylum, However, they go to Komar as they do not see any other option,” commented the head of Komar on 22 November.

(Photo: Twitter / @AndresRSilva)
(Photo: Twitter / @AndresRSilva)

Furthermore, Ramírez Silva proposed that “they give them, for example, human visitor card“Issued by National Institute of Migration ,INM), so that they cannot be returned to their country, because what they declared would be inhumane due to the circumstances of the Caribbean country.

,If they are not refugees and you cannot send them to Haiti, then you have to find alternatives.”He added in the framework of a visit by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to Tijuana, Filippo Grandi,

However, the same owner of Comaro Admitted that said dependency is near collapse To the sheer number of requests made by the Haitian diaspora who have arrived in Mexico in recent months.

,We at La Comar are almost devastated by these tremendous number of extraordinary arrivals of Haitians, but our position is this: we are registering them all”, he said during his participation International Congress on Migration from Anahuac University.

The head of Comar has admitted that the said agency is close to collapse (Photo: EFE / Juan Manuel Blanco)
The head of Comar has admitted that the said agency is close to collapse (Photo: EFE / Juan Manuel Blanco)

Ramirez Silva reveals the number of refugee applications by Haitians in Mexico 8 times higher than last year,

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“The year 2021, ie the current year, I know They have broken all the records, all the brands. In the past year, while the numbers of all nationalities have decreased due to the pandemic, Haitians were the only ones who increased their numbers, I repeat, reaching over 5,900, but this year the numbers have been huge, we recorded on November 16th 45 thousand applicants for refugee status Haitians only, and if we add their Brazilian and Chilean children, we reach the number of 52,000, which is higher than the 2020 total figure for all nationalities,” he confessed.

Hundreds of Haitians demonstrated in Tapachula, Chiapas (Photo: EFE / Juan Manuel Blanco)
Hundreds of Haitians demonstrated in Tapachula, Chiapas (Photo: EFE / Juan Manuel Blanco)

It is noteworthy that on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 23, when Ramírez Silva was at the Congress of Anahuac University, hundreds of people gathered. Haitian diaspora They performed in Tapachula, Chiapas, To demand that immigration officers deliver permanent cards that allow them to leave the southern border and continue on their way to the United States.

“The problem with some group of Haitians is that they don’t respect the order, not even their consulate., They don’t respect the order, we told them that earlier they had priority women, pregnant women, the center of their family, people in a position of vulnerability and alphabetically, but they don’t want to be listed so they came and pushed and they want to get that before anyone else”, he said Hector Martinez Castuara, director General of Representation Offices of INM in Mexico.

According to the data of the officials in Tapachula An average of 30,000 Haitian migrants are stranded awaiting an immigration process.

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