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Video editing software is likely to be the next big addition to Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools. The company announced on September 7 in the United States that it will acquire Clipchamp, a web-based video production and editing software company. Clipchamp’s software allows you to consolidate videos for video presentations, promotions, and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. According to Microsoft, Clipchamp is “perfect” to extend the existing productivity experience of Microsoft 365 for home, school, and enterprise.

The acquisition was appealing to Microsoft for several reasons. Today, people are increasingly making and using videos, thanks to an increasing number of new tools that make it easy for non-professionals to make advanced edits and produce high-quality video content. As a result, Microsoft has established itself as a new kind of “document” for businesses to present ideas, explain processes, or interact with team members.

The company also said it saw Clipchamp as an interesting acquisition in terms of how it combined “the full computing power of a GPU-accelerated PC with the simplicity of a web app.” In this regard, Clipchamp’s software fits nicely into Microsoft’s Windows customer base.

Clipchamp has created numerous online tools in the field of video production and editing. One of them is Clipchamp Create, a video maker that offers features such as cropping, cropping, cropping, rotating, speed control, text insertion, audio, images, colors, and filters. The company also offers templates that make video production easier, free video and audio libraries, screen recorders, text-to-speech, and other tools that simplify the use of branded fonts and colors in video. ing. The now-defunct utility called Clipchamp Utilities used to offer video compression, converters, and in-browser webcam recorders. But some of these features have been moved to the new Clipchamp app.

After making videos with Clipchamp, it has become a popular tool for online marketers because it allows them to choose different output styles and aspect ratios for popular social media networks.

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Since its inception in 2013, Clipchamp has attracted more than 17 million users, served 390,000 companies, and has grown at a pace of 54% year-on-year. As pandemics have led many organizations to adopt remote work and companies to use video as a means of training, communication, reporting, etc., the use of video has increased. Clipchamp video exports increased by 186% in the first half of 2021. Videos with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 increased by 189%, and videos with an aspect ratio of 9:16 for sharing on Instagram Stories and TikTok increased by 140%. The 1: 1 aspect ratio for Instagram has increased by 72%. Screen recordings were up 57% and webcam recordings were up 65%.

In July 2021, Clipchamp CEO Alexander Dreiling commented on the growth, saying the company has tripled the size of its 2020 team.

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“We have more than doubled the average number of users compared to a year ago, while using it twice as often, which means more users are producing video content like never before. Social media video has always been at the forefront of business needs, but in 2020 we’ll see many screen webcam recordings on our platform, witnessing the rapid expansion of internal communication use cases. I did, “said Dryling.

Microsoft didn’t disclose the purchase price, but according to Crunchbase, Clipchamp has raised $ 15 million so far.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has stepped into the video market.

Microsoft was one of the companies considering buying TikTok when it was trying to force the sale of TikTok, a video social network owned by a Chinese company that Mr. Trump called a national security threat. ByteDance had to sell TikTok’s US business to continue domestically, but the Byden administration shelved the move and the sale never happened). A few years ago, Microsoft launched a business video service called Stream. It aimed to make videos available to businesses as easily as consumers would use YouTube. In 2018, the company acquired Flipgrid, a social learning platform that uses short video clips for collaboration. As remote work has become commonplace, Microsoft has added more video capabilities to its team collaboration software, Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft’s acquisition of Clipchamp follows Adobe’s $ 1.28 billion acquisition of the video review and collaboration platform Frame.io. Frame.io has been used by over 1 million people since its inception in 2014. But unlike Clipchamp’s tools, which are intended for anyone at work, school, or at home, Frame.io is more targeted at creative professionals.

Dryling said Clipchamp has focused on making video editing accessible to many and will continue to grow at Microsoft.

“No tech company has as much legacy as Microsoft. We all grew up with iconic Microsoft products and have been using them ever since,” Dryling explains. “Being part of Microsoft makes us part of the legacy of the future. I can’t think of any other scenario that would make our future so exciting. Clipchamp has always said that there are absolutely a lot of opportunities. You just have to find the answer to how to seize the opportunity. Within Microsoft, we go for the opportunity in a completely new way. You can, “Dryling added.

Microsoft didn’t say when it plans to integrate Clipchamp into existing software, only saying it will reveal more details in the future.


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