Miguel Ceballos and Alfredo Sade give up their candidacy for signing and this will be their next move

U.S.A.Miguel Ceballos and Alfredo Sade give up their candidacy...

Alfredo Sade and Miguel Ceballos (Instagram @alfredosaadev and Colprensa)

This Saturday presidential candidate and former peace commissioner, Miguel Ceballos placeholder image, he confirmed to Infobae Colombia that he is not a candidate for signature, but his name will still be on the cards. The Duke, a former government official, gave up his aspiration on 17 November, while Alfredo Sade, from Historic Treaty He did it last Monday, November 8th.

How did you come to know about this medium, Of the 52 significant groups of citizens or social movements that wanted to receive candidatures with signatures, six withdrew, among them Ceballos and Sade. The curious thing with the latter is that, apparently, his intentions were never to become a candidate for signature as his movement ‘Stand Up Colombia’ was registered only six days before the registration was withdrawn.

Infobe Colombia tried to communicate with him to find out the reasons for Sade, however, he did not speak at the end of this note. The Barranquilla clergy wished to compete for the candidacy of the historic treaty with Gustavo Petro, Roy Barreras and Francia Márquez, while other candidates such as Alexander López Maya withdrew from the consultation.

Ceballos, on the other hand, registered its signature collection campaign called ‘TU’ on 8 July and withdrew it on 17 November. The former High Commissioner for Peace confirmed through this that it is because he will announce this Sunday what his next political movement is that will be supported by a political party. It is speculated that Ceballos may return to the Conservative Party, where he had been active for more than 15 years.

In fact, A few days after registering its signature committee in an interview with Infobae, Ceballos recalled that until 2017 he was a member of the Conservatives, the party headed by Omar Yepps, and that he already had an official candidate for David Barguil, however, there may have been more options. This Sunday an official announcement will be made of the participation of the former commissioner, who could be in the Senate or as a vice presidential candidate.

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Despite serving as High Commissioner for Peace in the Duke government from August 2018 to May 26, 2020, Ceballos insists that his political project is not and has never been supported by the Democratic Center.

Experience Alliance Begins

With a view to succeeding President Ivan Duque in 2022, This Friday, November 19, the ‘Team for Colombia’ alliance was confirmed which brings together many leaders of the national center and who now want to unite not only win the head of state, But to defeat one of the ‘strongest’ candidates, as per the latest polls, Human Colombia leader Gustavo Petro.

That way, without the Uribismo files, which would be supported by the Democratic Center, former minister Juan Carlos Echevery; conservative senator David Barguil; Former Mayor of Bogotás Enrique Pealosa; Former Governor of Valle del Cauca and Partido de la U. Director of Dillian Francisca Toro; Former Mayor of Paisa Federico’ Fico Gutierrez; former mayor of barranquilla Alexander Charo and possibly Christian senators and clergy John Milton Rodriguez, He left behind the so-called ‘Coalition of Experience’ and joined forces with Equipo Por Colombia to come to power. In March they will consult to define who will represent them on the first round of cards.

Most of the above politicians vehemently denied that this coalition, which seeks to secure a majority in the presidential elections, Join the Democratic Center candidate, colloquially known as the ‘Uribe Sayer. -which will be defined as on 22nd November- because, As David Barguil recently told Infobae, They do not want to be the “Appendix” or “Tail of the Train”, in this case, the party with which the Duke came to power.

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