Mike Tyson Will Kill Logan Paul, Whiterspoon: They’re Shameful!

SportsMike Tyson Will Kill Logan Paul, Whiterspoon: They're Shameful!

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Mike Tyson will kill Logan Paul and Jake Paul for defrauding the boxing public according to former heavyweight champion Tim Witherspoon. Dan Witherspoon, who retired in 2003, claims his best friend Mike Tyson would kill Logan Paul if their fight were to happen.

“I think they should separate that type of entertainment so that everyone knows it’s just an exhibition. It’s a shame the two brothers don’t respect a boxer who has worked really hard,” Whiterspoon told Sun Sport.

“But most people know that they won’t win against a top ten ranked true boxer. Mike Tyson will kill him,”he said.

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Whiterspoon considered Logan Paul or Jake Paul inappropriate to fight Mike Tyson or boxers who entered the top 10 of the world rankings. “You see, no one is currently ranked in the top ten that these brothers are up against, the brothers know what they are doing, they are trying to get the top people on TV who are no longer in the top ten. peak or not a boxer,”he explained.

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“He wouldn’t be able to do anything to Mike. Mike would kill him. Mike might not even hurt him; Mike might go in there and play with him. So it’s nothing serious. And the commission allowed this,” Whiterspoon continued.

The 55-year-old Tyson returned to the ring last November after a 15-year absence and held an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. (52 years) and has been in talks with Logan. The social media sensation and his brother both stepped out of their previous professions for exhibition boxing in 2018.

Since then, 24-year-old Jake has a 4-0 record and is set to take on WBC Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s younger brother, Tommy, on December 18. But it will be his first opponent with previous professional boxing experience.

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