Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Millions of fans of Chinese Internet celebrity “Eat Broadcast” have jaws blocked, feared more than 10 years in prison

In mid-July, an Internet celebrity with millions of fans was reported on the Internet in China.MealVideo of a family suspected of having eaten a great white shark has been circulating in China for dayspublic safetyInvestigations with the Department of Agriculture confirmed that the fish was in fact a human shark (also known as a great white shark), which came from the coastal areas of Fujian, and the personnel concerned have been arrested by the police.

Cover News reported that on July 14, a video of a food blogger named “Tizzy” shooting boiled sharks and grilling sharks became popular on the Internet. An online video showed “Tizi” opening a package at the entrance of a seafood supermarket in the city of Nanchong in Sichuan province, containing a giant “shark”, which attracted many onlookers. The video states that the shark was 2 meters long.

Internet celebrity “Tizzy” has been arrested for a shark that was recently grilled and eaten live on the Internet. (taken from Cover News)

After posing in the city, the shark was taken to the country for parting. The “tizzy” burned out a large pot, used too many seasonings exaggeratedly, the tail was used for grilling, and the fish was covered with red seasoning. The video screen has the subtitle “Artificial Reproduction and Food” in the upper left corner.

After the video was released, it became popular on the Internet, and some popular science bloggers pointed out that the shark is an internationally endangered wildlife shark, a national class II protected animal. At present, all the videos on the short video account of Internet celebrity ‘Tizy’ have disappeared.

According to reports from netizens, “Tizzy” also ate salamanders, peacocks and ostriches, and was criticized for “taking the murderous aura of Teng Teng as human fireworks”.

On July 31, Nanchong Police said that after identification, the shark in the included video was in fact a human shark (also known as a great white shark), and the matter is currently being processed further.

On August 1, officials from Nanchong City’s Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that Internet celebrity “Tizi” purchased great white sharks from Fujian’s coastal areas from JD.com, and that the personnel concerned have been handled by police. Contacting the relevant judicialtraceThe department, which investigates whether the great white shark is a juvenile or an adult, assesses its value, which includes the final outcome of the case.

Zhang Yu, an attorney at the Beijing Hutai Law Firm, said the behavior of “Tizi” has been suspected of constituting the crime of illegally obtaining precious and endangered wildlife products. shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term not exceeding five years, or with criminal detention and with fine; If it is verified by the judicial organ that the circumstances are grave, he may be punished with imprisonment of not less than a fixed term. five years but not exceeding 10 years, and fine; Imprisonment for a fixed term of not less than ten years and fine or confiscation of property.


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