MinSalud: The increase in infections and deaths from Kovid-19 in Colombia is due to the delta variant

U.S.A.MinSalud: The increase in infections and deaths from Kovid-19...

In this file photo, medical workers treating patients in Bogota, Colombia. Photo: EFE / Mauricio Dueas Castaneda

The Deputy Minister of Health, Luis Alexander Moscoso, indicated that the version’s rapid contagion potential delta in Colombia, This has increased the number of hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19 in the country.

“The first is the prevalence of the delta variant, we have seen according to the National Institutes of Health reports that San Andres Island, according to genomic studies, it has been found that the participation of more than 90% of infected people It is due to this lineage. ” Deputy Minister of Health said.

The official also said that another important factor that has contributed to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the country is This is the mobility of the people. “The end of October has a significant impact on the Holiday Bridge and there is also some growth that corresponds to the week of the break”Moscoso noted.

Notwithstanding the above, the Deputy Minister clarified that There was no increase in infections across the country due to the week’s holiday.As areas where no significant tourist arrivals were reported, the increase in COVID-19 cases was also not identified.

for example, One city that was not damaged during that week was Bogotás., On the other hand, according to Moscoso, San Andres, Santa Marta, Armenia, Bucaramanga or Cartagena, they registered an increase in their COVID cases.

“That holiday bridge at the end of October was very strong in dynamics with respect to reference values ​​increasing by 40%, which means we are going to have a significant risk in the coming days,” the deputy minister said.

The official also warned that the country is already witnessing more cases of Covid-19 and hospitalisations, so it is expected that the number of victims of the disease will continue to rise. “We’re going to lose our lives”Moscoso said.

According to the Deputy Health Minister, That analysis will be a warning of what could happen in December, a situation which, according to him, constitutes a significant risk to the country and its hospital system.

“The current week that ends shows an increase in the impact of COVID-19. And we see the same in the dead, where we don’t see such a huge increase, but we see a 5% increase”, the officer disclosed.

A woman is tested for COVID-19 in Cali, Colombia in a file photo.  Photo: EFE / Ernesto Guzman Jr.
A woman is tested for COVID-19 in Cali, Colombia in a file photo. Photo: EFE / Ernesto Guzman Jr.

In fact, an analysis of the epidemic in Bogota carried out by the newspaper El Tiempo, based on data on infections, hospitalizations and deaths from the Bogota Health Observatory (Saludata), indicates that, Although the increase in cases is still modest, but the fourth peak has started in the city.

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In a conversation with the same medium, Bogota’s health secretary, Alejandro Gómez, said that alarms have already been triggered from the unit, because Though the growth in cases has been slow, he expects the figure to rise by December.

“We were skeptical of this, we were thinking that we would also have in Bogota for the month of November; it seems that there is a slight delay, but we are still trying to increase the positive patients for the month of December. are going”, assured Bogota’s health secretary, Bogota newspaper.

So, Gomez called on citizens to get vaccinated against the virus, as she confirmed it was the best way to deal with the pandemic and avoid overcrowding in the hospital system. ,This undoubtedly reduces the chances of contagion by about 60%. And the biggest promise is that serious cases will decrease”, the officer told El Tiempo.

The Deputy Minister of Health also joined the call for Colombians to be vaccinated against COVID-19, as he revealed that between Between 70% and 75% of people entering intensive care units (ICUs) in the country are those who have not been vaccinatedIncluding the youth who lost their lives.

He also said that it has been observed that The immunization program of 20% and 25% of the people who come to the ICU is incomplete. Against this background, Moscoso reiterated his call for all Colombians to come for the second and third doses of the vaccine so that they can complete their vaccination schedule.

,The diagnosis is clear, will affect us in December, but we do have the option of reducing transmission if we get to a higher first dose and full schedule.”, said the Deputy Minister of Health.

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