Missing Asian-American college student in Chicago floats dead body in Lake Michigan, whereabouts of lover unknown

Brookson (right) and Sotello (left) both lost contact with their family and friends on April 30, and Sotello’s whereabouts are still unknown. (Chicago Police Department)

ChicagoThe police department said the woman’s floating corpse found on Lake Michigan on the 10th was confirmed by her family as the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) on the 11th, which was lost in late April.AsianBrookson, a college student (Natalie Brookson, 22), whose cause of death is still under investigation; And Brookson’s 26-year-old boyfriend, Daniel Sotello, who is studying at the UIC Institute, is still missing.

5500 N. Brookson lost contact with family and friends after leaving Friedman Place near Maplewood Avenue, where she worked for the blind, on April 30. Police later issued a missing person’s notice last weekend. As per the description, Brookson, who is Asian, stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs between 110 and 130 pounds. She lives in the Edgewater community and is a senior in the UIC department. Psychology However, the UIC later stated that Brookson was not registered for classes for the spring semester.

Police found a body on Lake Michigan near 5500 N. Sheridan Road on the evening of the 10th. Family members and friends identified it as Brookson, who had been missing for a long time. Brookson’s autopsy is inconclusive, so the cause of his death is still unclear.

According to the GoFundMe page where Brookson’s friends began raising money for funeral expenses, Brookson comes from a single-parent family. She always has good grades and is the fifth top student to graduate from Roosevelt High School.

Sotlow, a recent graduate of the UIC Institute’s Department of Organic Chemistry, was about to attend last week’s graduation ceremony when Sotlow’s sister learned her brother was missing,policeWhile reporting the matter, it was mentioned that the younger brother was behaving strangely recently. “He hasn’t seen his family in a long time, and he doesn’t answer family phone calls.” Sotello’s graduation ceremony took place last weekend.

A friend said that he saw Sotlow on the 30th near the Roosevelt Road station of the Red Line MRT, when he was heading north, and was told that his roommate dropped him off at the station, and then Sotlow took his Told the roommate that he was going north to the area, but did not specify.

Police urge the public to report Sotello’s whereabouts by calling (312) 744-8266.

Brookson, a 22-year-old Asian female college student.  (gofundme)
Brookson, a 22-year-old Asian female college student. (gofundme)

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