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MLB/boarding 2 times in 7 days, Zhang Yucheng lost 1 point in 1 innings, and the fastest ball speed was 45.8 miles

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The pitcher made his debut on the 7th. The second time the stage general Zhang Yucheng came too early. On the 12th, he played against the Orioles in the Rays. He got on the board again in 9 innings to digest the number of innings. Points, the fastest ball speed of 45.8 miles, the Rays finished with a loss of 3:10.


Zhang Yucheng served as a starting 5th baseman and second baseman in 12th position, with 4 hits and 1 strikeout; The Orioles played fiercely on the line. After the first 8 innings, the Rays were already 3:9 behind, and decided not to consume the pitcher again, and launched Zhang Yucheng to stand on the pitcher’s mound.

After Zhang Yucheng dismissed first, he was dismissed with second base by Austin Hayes, and Rugged Odor made first base and took first and third base. Zhang Yucheng lost 1 point for the first time due to the sacrifice of flying high. He was knocked down again, Cedric Mullins hit a guerilla grounder and grabbed third.

Zhang Yucheng got 3 hits in 1 innings and lost 1 point. According to the official Major League website, the 14 balls were all curves and sliders. The fastest ball speed was 45.8 miles, the slowest ball speed was 37.2 miles, and the post-game era was 13.50.



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