MLB/League steal the ball? Otani Shohei Certification: Not as sweet as before

The Angels’ “Two Swordsman” Shohei Otani also testified that the ball used this year is very different from last year’s, which accounts for the reduction in long hits. (Reuters)

Major league batting averages and home runs have declined sharply this season, and many players have accused the league of “stealing the ball”.angelTeam “Two Swords”Otani ShoheiIt is also certified that the ball used this year is quite different from last year, which is why there has been a reduction in the long game.

According to “The Athletic” reporter Sam Blum, when asked by reporters whether the ball was different this season, Otani said: “I feel it personally, just watching the game, I think the ball is not what it is.” Earlier it used to be.. “Sweet” (good fight). He further added, “Data doesn’t lie. Look at the starting velocity and flight angle. There are some balls that used to score home runs, but now they stay in the ground.”

Cubs outfielder Ian Happ also provided his own observations on a recent podcast, “Yeah, ‘Dead Balls’ is back, I’ve seen a lot of players in Atlanta hitting the ball at at least 105 mph. In the end, they all passed out.”

Otani, who is a “two swordsman”, may be more sensitive to changes in ball use. At the same time, as the “New York Times” reports, the major leagues use the ball this season.traceLastly, it is actually softer, less elastic and more resistant than last season, which has also led to a decline in the number of home runs in the league. According to data from “FanGraphs”, the league’s 30 teams have currently scored a total of 797 home runs, a decrease of 364 home runs from last year’s 1,161.

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It is interesting that the league’s home run numbers have dropped significantly, but there are teams that are not affected. For example, the Angels’ home run numbers are similar to the same period last year, but teams such as the Red Sox (16H), Royals (13H), Tigers (11 homers) have accounted for a drop in the number of hits due to the change of the ball. would have experienced.

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