MLB/Twin Cities fiasco Astros fielder debut: I’m Lei Dagu

Shortstop Gordon’s first experience on the mound. (Reuters)

The Twins lost 3–11 in the first game of the double on the 12th.AstronautThe team also gave shortstop Nick Gordon a taste of their first experience on the mound. As the only pitcher without the 12th Twins to score, he shouted excitedly, “I’m Lei Dagu.”

The twins were tragically electrocuted by Astro. After 7 innings, they were already 8 points behind. Since he had to play two games a day, he did not want to consume the bullpen pitcher in nine innings, so he sent Gordon to the pitch. Gordon’s father was a three-time star. After the game, pitcher Tom Gordon (Tom Gordon), but 12th was his first career board.

As a result, Gordon only got 1 hit, and didn’t miss any points. When facing the last batter, he still wanted to throw a curveball taught by his father, but no matter how Gordon shook his head, the catcher didn’t. Gordon doesn’t deserve it. Said, “I’m all set, strike 2.”

Gordon said, “I tried asking if I could pitch last year. I think I’m a littleOtani Shohei, Gordon also quickly added: “A little bit.”

Gordon did not hit or defend in the first game of the double game. There is actually a huge gap between him and Dagu, but in the second game, even Gordon’s beautiful defense in the outfield was difficult for Dagu to replicate. According to statistics, it had only a 35% chance, the difficulty of hitting four stars.

It was 2 out in 2 innings. There were people on first and third base. Facing a far-reaching fly ball from center and right field by Jose Altuve, Gordon lofts long and then picks up the kill with a punt. A possible 2-point RBI long game was avoided, but the Twins still lost 0:5 in the second game of the double.

Astronaut Shohei Otani

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