Home USA News MLB’s official new sweatpants are very see-through. Fan: I can see Ohtani’s underwear…

MLB’s official new sweatpants are very see-through. Fan: I can see Ohtani’s underwear…

MLB’s official new sweatpants are very see-through.  Fan: I can see Ohtani’s underwear…

major League Baseball (mlb) spent more than five years trying to combine cutting-edge technology and fashion, and wanted to “fine-tune” a new set of state-of-the-art jerseys so that the players’ clothing for the 2024 season would be more. “Good looking and practical than ever”. Unfortunately, the wearing results were not as good as expected, and even had a “showing” effect, which caused players to complain and cause poor feedback.

a setShohei OtaniThe studio photo was widely circulated and scrutinized, with many fans responding: “It’s hard not to focus on his pants.” Fans who are eager to see Shohei Ohtani wearing the new Los Angeles Dodgers uniform also wonder if they have seen “the part of Shohei Ohtani that shouldn’t be seen.”

Everyone’s reactions included: The name brand letters were too small, lacked actual embroidery, and looked like cheap imitations; Players also complained that the pants were not the correct size and were not custom-made; And the worst thing was that in the group photo on the 21st, everyone discovered that the so-called Priority pants that are breathable and basically transparent in harsh light.

Bruce Meyer, deputy executive director of the MLB Players Association, confirmed that the organization has informed the league of players’ concerns about the new pants, which are somewhat obvious.

The new MLB jerseys were designed by Nike over five years and manufactured by Fanatics. The focus of the new jersey design, known as the Nike Vapor Premier, is not to completely change the aesthetics, but to make the jersey more breathable so players can survive up to 162 games over the summer; In the past, players would often complain that the jersey was too hot to wear.

MLB officials said the new jerseys are 25% more elastic, more moveable and 28% faster drying. The font, armbands and numbers are not bulky, making the jersey more breathable and comfortable. Nike said in a statement that the company worked closely with players, teams and leagues to create “the most innovative jersey in MLB history.” “The quality and performance of our products is paramount.”

An MLB spokesperson said representatives from the league, Nike and Fanatics continue to visit training camps to solicit feedback on the new uniforms and “will be reviewing jersey sizes, waist, inseam, length, thigh, etc. based on player requests.” “Adjusting the fit and pant bottom.” “The goal is to provide the players with the most comfortable uniform on Opening Day.”

In fact, the new jerseys were trial-released during last year’s All-Star Game, and many players gave the new jerseys positive reviews at the time; However, after the mass launch of the new product line, the response was not very enthusiastic.wall StreetThe daily newspaper even commented: This spring training session has been called a clothing disaster in baseball.

The performances of the Dodgers’ new power pitcher Yushin Yamamoto (right) and second-hand pitcher Shohei Ohtani (left) have attracted a lot of attention, but fans said it was “hard not to focus on his pants.” (Reuters)



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