MMA fighter breaks his leg after 34 seconds of brutal knockout

SportsMMA fighter breaks his leg after 34 seconds of...
Sadistic! MMA fighter he broke his leg after a brutal 34-second knockout win in the first round with a head kick that sent his rival down. MMA fighter Dylan Kiskila kicked Kai Duque in the face with his shin and the referee immediately stopped the fight after just 34 seconds of the first round.

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To his surprise, it was Kiskila who ended up getting worse as he realized right away that he had broken his own leg. Fighter MMA it immediately signaled that it was serious as he lay on the canvas needing medical attention.

“I can’t say because we don’t have an instant replay here at the booth but he was holding his leg. And we did hear a loud bang almost like his own leg was broken on that high kick,” the commentator said.

In another corner of the video, there is the gruesome sound of Kiskila’s leg breaking on impact. And the audience present also acknowledged the seriousness as they gasped in surprise when their leg was broken.

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It has since been confirmed that Kiskila has fractures in his fibula and tibia. Duque, who lost the fight but unlike victory, Kiskila was finally able to escape, reacting to the viral clip. “Damn, crazy, that this fight exploded #stubborn.”

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And people on social media couldn’t believe the footage at all, with some feeling a little nauseous. Reacting to the video, one user simply said: “I almost threw up lol.” While another added: “That should have been a double KO.”

The fight, which takes place at Captains Fight Club in North Dakota, is debut MMA Kiskila. Duque also competed in his first MMA bout when he suffered a 34-second KO.


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