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On November 24, Monoxer released a handwriting learning function for alphabets in addition to the existing hiragana, katakana, and kanji on the learning platform “Monoxer” (Monoxer. Android version / iOS version) for memory retention. English education has become compulsory in elementary schools since 2020, and the number of English words handled in junior high schools has increased in 2021, so early English learning, which is becoming more important, will be effectively supported.

With Monoxer, all you have to do is register the content that the cram school or school teacher wants you to remember, and the problems necessary to fix the content in your memory are automatically generated. Students can learn the generated problems using smartphone and tablet apps. In addition, the frequency and difficulty of questions are adjusted in real time according to each person’s proficiency level and oblivion level, so learning can be realized according to the individual level. Since it is possible to grasp the learning status and retention level of students even in a remote state, it is possible to provide detailed guidance even in situations where it is difficult to attend school or cram school.

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The “handwriting function” with the addition of the alphabet this time is a highly original function that focuses on character evaluation and feedback of incorrect answers. We have adopted a system that strictly evaluates handwritten characters so that learners can accurately recognize characters and write beautiful characters. At the same time, we provide accurate feedback to the learner about what is different from the model, and support them to write correct letters beautifully.


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