Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Moon Joon Young, son of Korean group Empire, announced that he will marry his beautiful wife in September

South KoreaMoon Joon Young, leader of boy band ZE:A (Children of the Empire), announced the good news today that he will be marrying his fiancée in September. He told fans the good news in a limited-time IG update, and also previewed the opportunity to lead Sons of the Empire to hold large-scale concerts in the future.

Moon Junying is currently setting up his own business and founded LAKE Entertainment, and his fiancee is the company’s business partner. He revealed that his significant other’s birthday is in September, there are nine members of Sons of the Empire, and he will be entering the auditorium in September. Everything is full of magical coincidence and luck.

He separately addressed the members of the Sons of the Empire and vowed to protect his beloved wife throughout her life. He would then gather all the members of Sons of the Empire together to discuss concert plans after finishing the major life events.



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