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More passengers, decline in airline satisfaction

JetBlue ranks first in the North American airline industry and tops business class service rankings. (The Associated Press)

Over the past year, fully loaded airliners and more expensive airfares have dropped consumer satisfaction with airlines for the first time in 10 years, according to a newly released J.D. Power survey.

Michael Taylor, Director of Travel Intelligence at J.D. Power, said in the North American Airlines report: “Over the past two years, customer satisfaction with North American Airlines has reached an all-time high for reasons that have been more misplaced. Compared to before.” Fewer passengers means more space on the plane, fewer queues and more flight attendants. But this business model simply won’t last long.”

long after coronaEpidemicThe demand for air travel as well as airfares has increased in the last one year due to slowdown.

US domestic airfare prices were 20% higher in March than in 2019, according to Adobe Analytics, as Covid-19 cases fell and major cities lifted restrictions on indoor dining and events such as concerts. Adobe notes that airfare prices are rising faster than bookings.

But based on feedback from 7,004 passengers between March 2021 and March 2022, the survey showed a decline in passenger satisfaction across all cabins, whether economy, premium economy, first or business. Taylor said it was the first annual drop since the 2012 survey.

JetBlue tops the North American airline industry rankings for first- and business-class service, while Southwest ranks first for economy and basic economy.

Below are the rankings of various airlines and their scores (out of 1000 points):

First Class / Business Class

JetBlue Airways (878), Alaska Airlines (876), Delta Air Lines (862),CanadaAirline (832), United Airlines (822), American Airlines (814).

Economy / Basic Economy

Southwest Airlines (849), JetBlue Airways (828), Delta Air Lines (813), Loyalty Airlines (803), Alaska Airlines (794), Air Canada (777), United Airlines (774), Spirit Airlines (772), American Airlines (770), Frontier Airlines (755), WestJet (751).

Southwest Airlines ranks first in economy and basic economy.  (The Associated Press)
Southwest Airlines ranks first in economy and basic economy. (The Associated Press)

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