More shadow than light after five years of peace agreement

WorldMore shadow than light after five years of peace...

  • Hundreds of social leaders and former rebels are killed every year, according to the NGO Human Rights

  • UN Verification Mission warns about “risk factors” surrounding the agreement

  • “The war, violence, drug trafficking continues and there are 14 paramilitary groups,” says former guerrilla and TODAY Congresswoman Sandra Ramirez Lobo Silva

NS Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra has instructed a group of children of the signatories of the peace agreement with Fark so that his voice may reinforce the broken illusion five years after the end of the armed struggle, which was bleeding Colombia for more than half a century. “If we lose hope, we collect everything and go, but where?” Olga Lucia Quintero, on behalf of the Catatumbo Farmers Association (Escamcat), hours before the music plays this Wednesday. There are numbers that tarnish your best dreams. This year 153 social leaders and human rights defenders have lost their lives. According to the Institute for the Study of Development and Peace (INDEPAZ), the figure has risen to 1,268 since the armed conflict between the state and the guerrillas formally ended. an amount of dead ex rebel It is 292 since the end of 2016 in similar conditions. “Victims do not want to be vindictive, we are peace makers, but the state must implement what has been signed,” he says. Luz Marina Hache Contreras, Spokesperson of the National Movement for Victims of State Crimes (MOVICE).

The way through which the agreement was reached, then in 2010 the then President, Juan Manuel Santos, having secretly opened the first contact with the state‘s public enemy number one, it was fraught with complications. parties signed it 26 September 2016 in Cartagena and in front of the international community. sat in a caribbean city”the foundation of a stable and lasting peace“Six conversation points aroused both optimism and outrage in a polarized country: comprehensive rural reforms, the question of political participation of the rebels, the completion of tasks, the problem of drug trafficking, compensation of victims and finally, the implementation, verification and referendum of what was agreed upon.

Everything was not that easy. Havana Agreement a. was submitted to Referendum for your verification. right-wing ex-president alvaro uribe (2002–2010) led a campaign to reject the agreement. A ‘no’ was imposed by a small margin on 2 October, forcing Santos and the guerrillas to renegotiate the agreed-upon bullfights. On 24 November, the President and Head of the FARC, Rodrigo Londono, Signed the final text at the Teatro Colón in Bogota.

bitter balance

The UN Verification Mission in Colombia has drawn attention to the “risk factors” surrounding the agreement. According Kroc Institute for International StudiesIn five years, only 28% of what was agreed has progressed. By the beginning of 2021, 15% of the conflict victim population had been compensated. Of the 30 lakh hectares in the hands of the land fund, 0.08% has been assigned to undertake comprehensive rural reforms. “Colombia has vast amounts of land in the hands of very few. 24 million cows make more profit than farmers They have to survive on 50 euros a month, often without drinking water and sewerage,” Quintero says.

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Sandra Ramirez Lobo Silva She was the intermediate chief of the FARC from 1981 until the abandonment of arms. He has been a member of Congress since 2018 based on quotas assigned to party heirs to guerrillas in the legislature, General, “President Ivan Duque said that I was going to break the deal and it ripped the country apart, War, violence, drug trafficking continue and there are 14 paramilitary groups. We have not made progress in the program to substitute crops for illegal use. Where improvements have been seen in the comprehensive system of truth, justice and compensation, Special Justice for the Peace (JEP)“. Compromise, he believes, created other conditions for politics. Mobilization intensified.”as the rifles fell silent Huge noises of corruption and inequality have been heard, as seen in the outbreak of last April”.

what is missing

Isabella Sanroc of Bogota spent 12 years at FARC. Today he has a degree in Political Science. She also warns of “a chain”. Barriers to implementing the agreement, lack of guarantees, public policies and budgets. Expectations were high. What has gone wrong is the killings. “This year they have been executed 88 massacre, “The security policy of this government does not exist,” Santos said. The idea of ​​returning to the mountains dominates a field of guerrillas. Sanroque tells about the call Difference: “They also have a sense of guilt in acts of violence.”

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The agreement allowed the creation of a Truth Commission and JEP. Its purpose is to set up the circumstances so that Colombia never again experiences the dramas of the past. ,But the Armed Forces do not contribute to guarantee a recurrence of what has been suffered: There are still 60 people missing from the April protests,” says Hache Contreras. At this point he least hopes that things don’t get worse.

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