More than 3,800 agents in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. I will fight the wave of violence

WorldMore than 3,800 agents in the Mexican state of...

  • Army and National Guard personnel will be deployed after eight bodies are found hanging from bridges and trees.

The Mexican government has announced Deployment of over 3,800 Army and National Guard personnel, other than helicopters, within the framework of Zacatecas. A plan to stop the wave of violence in the state, where dozens of bodies have been found hanging from trees and bridges in recent weeks.

Executive Andres Manuel López Obrador presented a Zacatecas support plan this Wednesday, which would include sending 210 troops that would join more than 1,740 already existing, while 250 members of the National Guard went on to join. More than 1600 of his aides, Defense Minister Luis Crescencio, have detailed. Three helicopter gunships are also being sent to the area, meant to reduce growing insecurity, for the more than 3,800 Confederate troops. 128% increase in murders in last three years, Also, there is a strategy to divide the state into three parts, North, Center and South.

Mexican intelligence indicates that the wave of violence is due to the fact that Zacatecas connects the country’s nine states, which it maintains as one “Ideal Center” for the Operation of Criminal Organizations that traffic in drugs and other illegal goods. Crescencio has further stated that this support plan, which has already begun, will be evaluated in 30 days, after which the deployment will be reconsidered and new actions will be determined, reports Mexican media ‘Millenio’. The defense minister detailed the strategy at a press conference at the Zacatecas Convention Center, where a security device has been implemented due to visiting national officials. López Obrador has been present, in which he has reaffirmed his government‘s support for facing the situation, which, in his opinion, would be faced with “doing good” while addressing the causes of the problem. In this sense, he has targeted the youth as a “reserve army” that must be “removed” from criminals. “We will continue to serve the youth, which is very important because violence should not be faced with violence, evil cannot be faced with evil,” he defended.

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For his part, the governor of Zacatecas thanked the president for his visit, which has given “hope” to the state facing a wave of violence. As El Universal reports, “It’s a complicated moment, difficult for our state, they got out of hand. Today I said, we are facing a social emergency.”

The official visit took place hours later Eight more dead bodies discovered, this time from a bridge and a tree In the municipality of Fresnillo, one of the most affected by violence in Mexico. Its mayor, Sal Monreal vila, has condemned not being invited to meet with the Mexican president during his stay in Zacatecas, despite the latest developments in Fresnillo that “death to death” due to the bodies accumulating before the dire situation. counter” is created.

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