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More than 440 refusing to respond to New York State seizure of evidence, Trump citing insanely “not guilty”

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NBC News reports that the former presidenttrumptenth facenew York StateAttorneys dispatched from the office of Attorney General Letitia James exercised the Fifth Amendment right to “not guilty” when taking statements.


New York state prosecutors are investigating the Trump Organization’s business practices, and the admission’s testimony lasted four hours. Trump’s lawyer Ron Fischetti told reporters that he answered only one question, which was his name.

Trump said in a statement, “I once asked, if you’re innocent, why use the Fifth Amendment? I now know the answer to that question when your family, the company, and everyone around you is baseless.” You have no choice, a politically motivated witch hunt supported by lawyers, prosecutors and fake news media. Therefore, on the advice of my lawyers and for all of the above reasons, I am under the rights and privileges of the US Constitution. Empower the citizen, refused to answer questions.

Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment more than 440 times, according to a source familiar with the matter. A spokesman for the state attorney later confirmed that Trump had invoked the Fifth Amendment, but did not specify how often. The statement said that although they would not comment on specific details, they can confirm that the state’s attorney conducted Trump’s admission testimony today (10th), “Attorney General Zan Lexia attended Mr. He called for the Fifth Amendment right not to plead guilty to himself. Enter the testimony process”.

Trump Organization accused of misleading officials about the value of his assets in order to get concessionsloanwith tax deduction. New York state prosecutors are considering whether to file a civil suit against Trump and his company, court documents that state that they have filed “in Trump’s financial statements for banks, insurance companies and the Internal Revenue Service”. substantial evidence of multiple misrepresentations”. Zan Lexia alleged that the financial statements were inflated by hundreds of millions of dollars and signed by Trump.



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