Friday, August 12, 2022

More than 5,600 pounds of shark fins exported as live lobsters to China New York Chinese seafood company sued

HousingNew York CityElite Sky International’s seafood company, which tried to disguise 5,666-pound shark fins as spiny lobsters and shipped them to China, was charged by federal prosecutors of violating the Lacey Act; Officials accused some seafood companies of taking advantage of loopholes in federal and state law to market shark fins.

The Associated Press recently started a discussion on the ecological environment with the shark fin market as this topic, denouncing this market chain that kills more than 73 million sharks each year; According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are about 500 species of sharks. More than a third of shark species are endangered, and since the 1970s the ocean has lost 71 percent of sharks to overfishing.

Several indictments from federal officials allege that some seafood companies in the United States took advantage of loopholes between state and federal laws to sell shark fins for profit, as doing a one-time trade in ivory as part of the industry chain. criticized. May be exported to China, and is also suspected of falsely claiming lobster purchased from overseasFloridaof lobster sold by the authorities for violating the Lacey Law.

Another South Florida seafood store, AIF, was also sued by federal officials in Florida for violating the same law; Court sources reveal that a seafood company run by a Chinese woman exported half of it to China without a license in 2016. Live Florida lobster, indicted by federal prosecutors, after reaching a plea with authorities.

In accordance with federal regulations, since 2000, although shark fins have been banned before being thrown back into the ocean, some states have weak policies on finning from dead sharks or importing shark fins from overseas; Congress tried to compare Canada. 2019, which banned all trade in shark fin outright, was opposed by Litian International, and launched a joint online settlement asking Congress not to pass the resolution.

Congress debates whether to ban the import and export of shark fins, saying more than 10 million shark fins are shipped to Asia undeclared every year; The report states that although not all sharks are killed for shark fins for their meat, bones and comparisons. Jaws, the export value of shark fins is high, a pound of shark fins sell for hundreds of dollars.

Florida Coarse OceanarchiveDirector Damien Chapman said that even if the US shark fin trade were banned outright, it would not improve current international demand; He pointed out that while other countries with looser fishing policies would make up for US market share, similar problems still occur.


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