Wednesday, July 6, 2022

More than half of the 433 mass shootings in the past 2 years have ended without police presence

The New York Times reported that over the past two years, there have been a massive 433 cases in the United States.Shootingcases, of which 249 were closed before the police arrived at the scene; SopoliceWhat role should be played in shooting cases and what measures should be taken to intervene effectively have become very important research topics.

RepublicanTexasSenator Ted Cruz’s method is very intuitive. He explicitly stated that the best way to stop the bad guys is to “divide the good guys”, but the academic community generally thinks this statement is false; Not because the academic community is against gun rights, but look at the statistics, most of the people who stopped the shooter from continuing to shoot were the shooters themselves.

“Sometimes it is true that a few brave men at the scene will intervene and successfully suppress, but more often the gunman restrains himself; therefore, Cruz’s claim of ‘giving weapons to the good people’ is not entirely true.” , because statistics show that in almost half of all shootouts, the shooter kills himself or runs away.”

What’s more, it’s a good idea to “arm the good guys” to face the gunmen, but in anecdotal statistics, such cases are rare; In the last two years, out of 433 shooting cases, only 22 were stopped at the scene by armed personnel, out of which 10 cases were withheld. The shooters were either security guards or police officers passing away from work; So Lankford said: “Anecdotal statistics show that it is extremely rare for an armed civilian to succeed as a ‘Hollywood shooter’ hero.”

On the other hand, the response time required by the police is also unable to prevent the tragedy in a timely manner, according to statistics, it takes the police across the United States on average about three minutes to get from a police station to the scene; But even if the police arrive “within seconds”, if the gunman is familiar with the weapon system operation can still cause a large number of casualties in a short amount of time.

Professor Hunter Martendale, director of the ALERRT Center at Texas State University, said: “Even if the police could be there in a minute, if the shooter knows the weapon well and shoots accurately, that’s all. It is possible to cause a large number of deaths on the scene in a short period of time.”


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