Morena and the Citizens Movement Promote LGBTTI Agenda in San Lazaros

U.S.A.Morena and the Citizens Movement Promote LGBTTI Agenda in...

Equal marriage and a guarantee of gender identity were some of the proposals (Photo: EFE / Maciej Kulczynski)

This Thursday, November 18, deputies inside the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro Reyna Celeste Asencio and Salma Luevano, both arts national uplift movement (brunette), And Taygate Iris Rodriguez, From civil movement (MC) introduces three reforms promoting community inclusion LGBTTI in Mexico.

in the beginning, Rodriguez Gonzalez Introduced an initiative that penalizes those who restrict the healthy development of any person’s personality in relation to your identity related to your sexual orientation or general self-perception,

As a method to guarantee his intention, the federal deputy presented an initiative to revise Article 425 and add an article to the general health lawThis is so that it can be controlled by the state and guaranteed free choice on gender.

Legislation in favor of the LGBTTI community (Photo: Courtesy / Chamber of Deputies)
Legislation in favor of the LGBTTI community (Photo: Courtesy / Chamber of Deputies)

Specifically, the standard-bearer of the Orange Party seeks that any person in the health sector who promotes, offers, offers, enforces, enforces treatment, therapy, service or practice, surgical or otherwise, gives, finances or furnishes. obstruct, restrict, withhold, impair, abrogate or suppress sexual orientation, Gender identity or expression of any person, shall be punishable with suspension in professional practice of one to three years, The initiative was referred to the Health Commission for its opinion.

On his own, Morenista signed a reform federal civil code ,CCF) on the basis of promoting same-sex marriage, i.e. regardless of sexual preference, marriage can be established.

Deputy Reyna Celeste Asencio. proposed to improve the various provisions ofl CCF and commercial codeto substitute the terms referring to husband and wife in the case of same marriage, Husband or wife,

Same-marriage guarantees promote people's civil rights (Photo: EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)
Same-marriage guarantees promote people‘s civil rights (Photo: EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

Similarly, it should be noted that marriage is understood as the free union of two people to drive a community of life, where both respect, equality and mutual assistance are sought.

on his own strength, Salma Luevano signed off on the initiative and said that it should be conducted in front of the authorities established by law and with more formalities.Therefore, the initiative was referred to the Joint Commission on Justice and Economy, Trade and Competitiveness for an opinion and the Diversity Commission for an opinion.

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In addition to this, luevano luna Proposed, from the rostrum of the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro, to reform and add to the various provisions of the electoral institutions and procedures and the general laws of political parties, to Guaranteed representation of vulnerable groups in popularly elected positions,

Initiatives were sent to their respective chambers to begin the ruling process (Photo: EFE / Alberto Valdés)
Initiatives were sent to their respective chambers to start the ruling process (Photo: EFE / Alberto Valdés)

Initiatives related to the inclusion of quotas for groups in vulnerable situations promote the assignment of 20% of candidates to public office and the appointment of posts by appointment. It should be remembered that, historically, These groups have faced systematic discrimination in the national arena.Therefore, promoting mechanisms to counteract this effect encourages an entire sector of society to be involved.

with him, Emmanuel RayeS, also from the Cherry party, presented an initiative that obliges the state to guarantee the exercise of the vote for people with disabilities. This by promoting the addition of Article 1 of the Common Law to electoral institutions and procedures.

With a proposal to Reyes Carmona, The government shall be bound to guarantee the right to vote for citizens with a physical, visual, or motor disability, temporarily or permanently,

It should be remembered that the said article is responsible for establishing the provisions applicable in matters of electoral institutions and procedures, the distribution of powers between the Federation and the federal entities, as well as the relationship between them. National Electoral Institute ,other) and local public bodies. This initiative will also be reviewed Political-Electoral Reform Commission,

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