Most Wanted Going Out of City: No. 1 San Jose, Northern California

San Jose was cited by real estate websites as the city with the highest percentage of people looking to move out. (Reporter Lee Rong/Photography)

After the New Crown pneumonia epidemic, many people rethink living needs and areas, hoping to have a larger living space,house pricemore economical. In the first quarter of this year, more than 60% (59.7%) of all home listings on the website were viewed by potential home buyers from other regions, compared to the same period, according to research published by real estate website An increase of 4.6 percent last year shows that more people want to go elsewhere. Punta Gorda in Florida, East Stroudsburg in Pennsylvania and Kahului in Hawaii are the top three hot spots that attract large numbers of foreigners.californiaSilicon Valley CoreSan JoseThe city, possibly due to higher housing prices and other living conditions, was found to be the city with the highest percentage of people willing to move out, with 86.7% of San Jose visitors looking for things to do in other metropolitan areas.

Housing prices have skyrocketed over the past two years, and loan interest rates have also risen sharply in recent months. Many people are reconsidering the environmental requirements of their living and the possibility of moving in the future. Slaves, for example, have already appeared in places like Texas. A very large number of California “immigrants”. George Ratiu, manager of economic research at the real estate website,, said the pandemic has forced many Americans to re-examine their priorities, personal priorities and schedules in life. Life has changed, and more and more home buyers are looking for a better quality of life, housing that can provide outdoor sports facilities, and an increasingly significant housing price burden that must be taken into account.

Surveys show that buyers looking to buy homes for vacation and retirement are particularly looking for real estate positions in other areas. In addition, there are some buyers who want to move to a different place to live, especially those who can work remotely. Others are looking for a second home, or others are simply browsing housing markets in other areas and daydreaming.

According to statistics, there is a clear tendency for people to relocate to areas with higher living costs and colder climates, as well as university towns and military towns. The study found that people who live in the cold and expensive Northeast are more likely to focus on properties elsewhere. Some 37.2% of Northeast residents saw properties in different areas. and 26.4% of Midwesterners and 25% of Westerners are also searching for housing market conditions elsewhere; But only 11.3% of Southerners search for homes elsewhere.

After sorting through the website, it was found that the city most people want to move to is Punta Gorda, Florida, where the average house price is 430,000 yuan, although not cheap, but many other cities with similar conditions still less than that. In addition, Rocky Mount, North Carolina was ranked No. 4 and Decatur, Alabama, No. 9, all of which have the advantage of low housing prices.

Also on the list are East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, at No. 2, with its lakes, trails, and other outdoor activities, and Clermont, New Hampshire, at No. 6, a city that attracts vacationers who fish on the banks of the river. Or like to ski. ,

San Jose was cited as the city with the highest percentage of people who wanted to move out. According to website data, 86.7% of San Jose users are looking at properties in other metropolitan areas. The cost of living in San Jose is very high, with an average home price of about $1.4 million and high daily expenses. In addition, the second most eager to move out of the city is Seattle, with 86.1% of people browsing properties in other metropolitan areas. In third place is Washington, with 82.3% of users looking at real estate listings in other cities.

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