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Mother-in-law asked to change her daughter’s name, mother cried

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a woman from U.K. She had just given birth, and the happy moments she brought her daughter into the world were overshadowed by what happened to her mother-in-law. It turned out that he asked him to change the name of his little daughter, which not only made her uncomfortable, but also made her cry.Their history changed trend exist Social network as RedditA heated debate ensued.

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Our hero goes to the famous stage “Am I a jerk” ,“Am I an idiot?”Translated into Spanish), she told us that when she gave birth, both she (her name was not revealed) and her husband agreed that they would take the time to let their relatives know the little girl Ryan,


When they felt the time was right, they invited their families and said their names. She was inspired by her husband’s brotherBut the parents of the new father were not at all happy with the choice.

The woman admitted that she cried because she was harassed by her in-laws for taking her daughter’s name. (Photo: Mirror)

“He wanted (his partner) to call him Ryan for his late brother. I love the name, it’s perfect(…)) She started asking me what was wrong and why she named the baby boy. My husband explained to them but they were more scared and insisted that the name was for a boy, even though it was divine and all the more reason to think of another name. they’re blaming me,,

But, things didn’t end there, as her in-laws were a little pissed at the new mom: “Then my father-in-law started getting involved i was called a disabled woman, after the last humiliation, they left. I burst into tears as they left and my family came to comfort me.,

The next day, they were both devastated and feeling worse, and her husband couldn’t sleep after that embarrassing moment. When he asked the question, She asked if they could change the child’s nameHe even threatened to cut ties with the little girl because he admitted that it was his mother who asked him: “I didn’t say a word, I went to the bathroom and I’ve been crying ever since, I find it scary.I think I sent my husband to hellBut I don’t want to change my name, am I an idiot who doesn’t want to change my name even if it hurts my husband? “

Her husband asked her to change the girl's name, but she was unwilling.  (Photo:
Her husband asked her to change the girl’s name, but she was unwilling. (Photo:

Suddenly there were different opinions, and someone asked her Consider the request of the daughter’s fatherbut others have Attacking her in-laws with extreme radical stance,

“I don’t know, it was her dead brother’s name and they didn’t tell her parents. I don’t blame those natural reactions. Mom and her husband should have asked sooner.”, “He didn’t understand his wife. Telling her parents it was his idea. Or even telling them, because it was his brother and his parents, before the birth to make sure it didn’t happen.”,

Another pair: “It’s usually a good idea not to share names with family members until the baby is born, but in this case, everyone here sucks. I don’t think you would imagine another family member of theirs having the same name as their dead child against them How painful it was to say. Sure, they responded badly and had no reason to blame you, but your husband didn’t take action to defend you or reform your parents. In fact, you’ve softened up after standing on the sidelines and scolding them. … they should have discussed this sooner.”,

The mother-in-law threatened that if he didn't change his name, he would cut ties with little Ryan.  (Photo: mother-in-law threatened that if he didn't change his name, he would cut ties with little Ryan.  (Photo:
The mother-in-law threatened that if he didn’t change his name, he would cut ties with little Ryan. (Photo:
  • He doesn’t think you deserve his ideal daughter or brilliant son.
  • He thinks you’re doing things the wrong way, and he’ll tell you.
  • He accuses you that something is wrong in your relationship.
  • Keep looking for your mistakes.
  • He thinks you don’t care enough about his daughter or son.
  • Influence your partner’s decisions.
  • He is jealous that you spend more time with his son or daughter than he does.

Information from Psychology Online

Six out of ten relationships between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law (or daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, if you will) are classified as strained, according to a study cited by the University of Cambridge. The Age. In other relationships, even the most fluid ones, experts consider them to be just friendly.

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