MotoGP Plans to Stop Fossil Fuel Consumption

SportsMotoGP Plans to Stop Fossil Fuel Consumption

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MAN – MotoGP intends to hold more environmentally friendly races. The plan is that the world‘s most prestigious motorcycle racing circus is ready to abandon fossil fuels starting in 2027.

FIM as the organizer MotoGP ensure the plan step by step. Later, MotoGP will use 40 percent of non-fossil fuels in 2024 and leave 100 percent of fossil fuels in 2027.

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Later, biofuel or eFuel will be the main fuel that will be used in MotoGP racing. Later, all manufacturers will work together to develop engines that can use non-fossil fuels.

FIM president Jorge Viegas said he was proud of the decision. He believes these rules will make MotoGP a more environmentally friendly racing event than before.

“I am very proud of this announcement, after months and even years of negotiations with gasoline companies and producers, we have reached an agreement,” Viegas said. MotoGP, Thursday (11/25/2021).

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“This will allow MotoGP to be a leader in this real revolution for sustainability.”

Viegas believes that these rules will make the race more environmentally friendly without reducing the excitement presented. He also believes that MotoGP will be a pioneer in presenting an environmentally friendly racing event.

“We want to really show the way to all motorcycle manufacturers that it’s possible to have fun which we all love but with sustainable fuel,” he said.

“We hope in 2027 to have completely carbon-free fuel in our competitions, take the lead and show that, even if racing is a small part of emissions, we must be the leaders of this change.”


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