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Movie/Man enters and exits foreclosure room without permission and smokes marijuana “F” to insult New York City councilman

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constituencies includeuniversity pointstopSugarMeeting venue counselor Vicki Paladino asked a man to come and go in front of a local foreclosure house, but was cursed by the man to “go f—k yourself”. He also sprinkled marijuana on his face; Nearby Chinese residents expressed shock and concern at the deteriorating security in the surrounding area.


Video Source: Palladino Twitter

Palladino posted a 1-minute 38-second video on social media on the 15th of his patrol in front of a foreclosure home on 20th Avenue and 146th Street at University Point when he saw a man driving in a parking lot. . House. , She said in the video, “I won’t let that happen, the landlord has his rights, and the neighbors deserve a better living environment, and more law enforcement will start.”

In the video, the man asked Palladino if he needed help, and Palladino replied “Yeah, that’s insulting,” before the man began insulting him with the “F” word and all over his face. hit a big punch. Smoke rings, asks him to leave.

Palladino told the man that she was a local elected official, but the man replied, “I don’t care who you are, you’re still here, get out of here”; What it was, the other party took a deep breath at it again, calling it “marijuana.”

The person next filmed that the person smoking the marijuana was acting “disgusting”, and the other side immediately replied, “It’s legal, what’s disgusting? Go f—k yourself”; By the morning of the 17th, and more, over 10,000 people watch this video and get 1792 likes.

As per the reply of the Municipal Corporation Building Bureau (DOB) dated 17th, the building is located at 146-26 20th Avenue. Mandatory evacuation order has been issued on 14th. Because of the hole in the ceiling of the other floor, no one is allowed to enter; Information suggests Wells Fargo, which acquired the building as a foreclosure in December 2020, has not responded to the incident and the person involved could not be reached for comment.

Many Chinese residents live near 20th Avenue in University Point and Baishi Town. Ms Chen, whose residence is only a five-minute drive from the scene, said she bought a property there more than 20 years ago and was shocked when she saw a video shot by Palladino. Fully criticized “Neighbors Who Livelegalization of marijuanaand other policies, concerned about deteriorating law and order in New York City.

The man (left) went in and out of the foreclosure room of his own accord, insulting the Paladino who had come to refuse him. (Taken from Palladino’s Twitter)



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