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TechnologyMOYAI Develops Edge AI for Real-Time Monitoring in Rail...

MOYAI will develop to realize edge AI in LED integrated network cameras “IoTube Pro.W6” and “IoTube Pro.4G” on November 19th using Ghelia’s AI technology. announced. Delivery of IoTube Pro.W6 is scheduled to start in April 2022, and delivery of IoTube Pro.4G is scheduled to start in June 2022.

The IoTube model Pro. Series is an LED-integrated product that enables real-time monitoring and two-way calling from a remote location. It is said that it has acquired all the required conformance standards for installation in railway vehicles and is based on the product quality of the model introduced by Tokyu Corporation in July 2020. In addition to being able to save videos taken with a fisheye camera to an SD memory card, the communication method can be selected from two types, Wi-Fi 6 and LTE / 4G, according to the application. It is also equipped with a thermo sensor, microphone, speaker, smoke detection sensor, temperature / humidity sensor, 3D acceleration sensor, BLE beacon, and CO2 sensor.

In addition, the edge AI function enables security cameras and behavior analysis, as well as discovery and monitoring of socially vulnerable people (wheelchairs, white canes, strollers, etc.), density measurement for after-corona, mask judgment detection, and behavior analysis. Is also available. It is expected to be used for detecting abnormal situations in railway vehicles, linking with emergency notification buttons, visualizing on-site conditions by real-time monitoring, and instructing passengers to guide passengers. It is also expected to strengthen its responsiveness.

Gilia provides AI solutions specialized for various usage scenes such as “person detection”, “posture detection”, and “line-of-sight detection” based on the original technology cultivated through the social implementation of AI. By using IoTube equipped with Gilia’s AI model, it is possible not only to protect the safety and security of public spaces, but also to utilize it for marketing and various solutions.

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Abnormal situation detection by application in railroad vehicles includes “abnormal situation detection by line-of-sight estimation” (behavior in which multiple passengers stare at an abnormal person / situation) and “abnormal situation detection by motion line detection” (multiple passengers are constant). Actions to escape in the direction), “Alerts are issued to the commander, driver, and conductor when a certain or multiple warning thresholds are exceeded”, “The number of evacuees and the number of fallen people are grasped by AI”, etc. In addition, AI analyzes the sound collection data of the microphone sensor to detect sound ranges other than normal noise, abnormal footsteps, screams, and angry sounds.

Abnormal situation detection by application in railway vehicles-real-time monitoring (image)

Abnormal situation detection by application in railway vehicles-real-time monitoring (image)

Gilia, who developed the AI ​​technology used in this product, has realized capacity expansion by AI in society and daily life with the aim of “realizing a symbiotic environment of humans and AI”, in addition to problem solving and efficiency improvement. A startup whose vision is to provide joy, discovery, and inspirational experiences using AI technology. UEI (dissolved in September 2020), which was founded by the company’s CEO Ryo Shimizu, was co-founded in 2017 by Sony Computer Science Laboratories and Venture Capital WiL.


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