Musk tweets about current politics, condemns Trump’s divisiveness, criticizes Biden for wrong reasons to win election

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and Tesla electric car chief.Reuters file photo

World’s richest man, Tesla electric car CEOmuskOn the 12th he targeted the current President of the United States on TwitterBidenwith former presidenttrumpSaid Biden won the election because the public “wanted less drama” and added that he prefers a candidate who is “less divisive” than Trump.

“Even though I think 2024 will be better with a less divisive candidate, I think Trump should reinstate Twitter,” Musk wrote in a tweet.

Then, Musk pointed out in another tweet, “Biden’s fault is that he thinks he was chosen to change the country, but people really want less drama.”

Newsweek reported that Musk called Twitter’s decision to block Trump “extremely stupid” during a livestreaming event held in the Financial Times last week, saying that permanent bans should be extremely rare and should in fact prevent bots, scams or spam accounts. should be reserved for Musk said he thinks it is wrong to block Trump, and also thinks it is a mistake, because it alienates a large section of the American people, does not silence Trump, but Increases Trump’s right-wing influence, in the end, it didn’t cause Trump to be silenced.

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