My dog ​​saved my mom, a neurotic woman in Texas was trapped in the woods for three days, and the dog invited volunteers to the rescue

Shirley Knope went missing while walking the dog, but she was reunited with her dog. (Harris County Sheriff’s Department)

was recently diagnosedMadness63 years oldhoustonThe woman who went missing for three days for a walk with the dog made her family very worried. At 3:00 am, the search volunteers heard the dog barking and found him in the bushes. The family admitted that the pet dog saved the life of the owner.

As reported by Houston-based KHOU TV, Sherry Knoppe, who lives in the Katy area of ​​Greater Houston, was recently diagnosed with dementia. She went for a walk with her black Labrador, Max, and the family was never able to contact her. since. Her family thought she didn’t know how to go home after she left. After the community heard the news, they formed a search volunteer group, which went around his house day and night in batches for a thorough search, but till the evening of the 5th, no trace of him could be found.

The weather was hot and it was raining a few days later, and the family worried for Shirley’s life. On the evening of the 5th, another group of volunteers went to George Bush Park near his home. The park is spread over an area of ​​8,000 acres and consists of many forests, groves and deep grassy areas. No wonder a large number of enthusiasts have come several times. I tried my best to search, but I can’t find it. At six o’clock in the morning the search volunteers suddenly heard the barking of dogs in the bushes a few hundred yards away, to which everyone jumped with joy.

Shirley’s brother, Justin Knoppe, told KHOU TV that he believes Max saved Shirley’s life. Constable Ted Heep of Harris County Border 5 found that Shelley had some scratches and bruises on her skin when she was found, but there were no major injuries and she hadn’t eaten anything. After three days of not drinking, she passed out only to be quite conscious with symptoms of dehydration. After giving him drinks, she went home to recover without going to the hospital.

Shirley’s daughter, Courtney Knoppe, said she was lucky to have Max with her mother the whole time, and eventually barked as she heard someone approaching to find her mother safe.

Sherri Knope, a 63-year-old Houston woman with dementia.  (Harris County Sheriff's Department)
Sherri Knope, a 63-year-old Houston woman with dementia. (Harris County Sheriff’s Department)

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