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“My wife is still inside” Hualien building leans heavily, residents worried

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Hualien at 7:58 a.m.EarthquakeThe whole of Taiwan felt that the 9-story “Uranus Building” at Xuanyuan Road and Zhongshan Road in Hualien City tilted seriously, and many people were trapped. People living on the 8th floor were anxiously waiting for rescue. “My wife is still here,” said a man surnamed Yu. “Inside”, a woman named Lin and her mother, who lived on the ninth floor, were rescued by the fire department using a ladder truck. Lin’s mother was crushed by a cabinet and was sent to the hospital. Lin’s fear was still there, but she still said, “It’s good that I’m safe. It’s okay.”

Ms Lin said the shock was so strong that cabinets fell over. When shaken again, they found that the house was leaning. He and his mother were in the house at the time, and his mother was hit by a cabinet. And couldn’t walk.

Hualien City ethnic district chief Zhang Dongyao arrived at the scene. He said the building had mostly collapsedTenantAll residents reported they were safe, but three people were still trapped in the basement. Hualien County Magistrate Xu Zhenwei also arrived at the scene to assess the situation.

Deng Ziyu, director of the Hualien County Construction Department, said in an interview that to prevent the collapsed house from collapsing, the plan is currently to use wave-absorbing blocks from the ground, support pillars on both sides, and push it onto the sidewalk. , which will take about half an hour.

County magistrate Xu Zhenwei said a response center had been set up. The school department will seat the students in the playground and count the number of people. Due to continuous shaking, everyone has been asked to leave the building. Several large park areas have been announced where people can relax. The hospital department has also contacted, cooperate to fix things quickly to ensure the safety of hospitalized patients.



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