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Nat Red has 9 million fans and claims to bring in 230 million goods a day and earn 4 million taxes

Internet celebrity anchor “Rainbow Couple” with 9.366 million fans recently claimed that a live broadcast with merchandise sold a total of 230 million (RMB, same bottom), and could earn more than 4 million after deducting expenses . In this regard, some netizens questioned whether they would pay taxes as per law if they earn that much. Chengdu Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation reported that the Tax Inspection Department has received a real-name report on the company’s taxation situation.Involved in the investigation.

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BeijingThe Youth Daily reported that the video released by the “Rainbow Couple” shows they are a “post-90s” couple, the husband’s name is Guo Bin and the wife’s name Sun Caihong. According to Sun Caihong’s self-report, she and her husband are high school classmates, and her husband is three years younger than her, and has been in love for 11 years now. After 8 years of love and long distance running, both of them have three children ranging from school uniforms to wedding clothes. After marriage, the couple soldInsuranceFor a living, within three years, he was promoted from probationary salesman to five levels and both to senior managers.

In 2020, the Rainbow couple began shooting short videos, attracting many fans with their experiences of “men chasing women” and “sister and brotherly love”. In past live broadcasts, the Rainbow couple mainly sold affordable products such as household daily necessities, mothers and babies, food and drinks. Its latest live-streaming popular products include conditioners, self-heating hot pots, lollipops, melon seeds and more. Unit prices range from 9.9 yuan to 99.9 yuan, and the number “sold” displayed on the product page is higher than that. 700 to over 10,000. Wait.

It is understood that the “Rainbow Couple” account is bound to the “Cai Cai Is Rainbow” corporate store.Coming straighte-commerceAccording to data from digital marketing service platform, Cicada, the main products of “Rainbow Couple” are daily necessities, and the number of fans and the level of products are related to top talent. In the last 30 days, there were 8 live broadcasts, and the average sales per game was 38.311 million. On the August 3 talent list, “Rainbow Couple” ranked first with 75.02 million live broadcast sales, and sales were more than three times that of second.

The “Rainbow Couple” recently posted a video revealing that they brought in 230 million items a day and made a net profit of over 4 million, which attracted attention. The “Rainbow Couple” anchor said, “We sold a total of 230 million in the last show. In fact, we calculated it before the broadcast. If I didn’t sell about 110 million yuan, we would have lost money.”

Looking at the account calculated by the “Rainbow Couple”, some netizens questioned whether it was really a live broadcast with merchandise that could sell 230 million and earn more than 4 million, and some netizens wondered about this. Concerned whether taxes should be paid as per law. earn so much money

In this regard, the Tax Inspection Department has received a real name report on the tax payment status of the company. Chengdu Taxation Bureau has recently been paying attention to the “colored rainbow” company, and has been involved in the investigation of the report, and the specific situation is still being investigated.


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