National government denies mass arrival of Venezuelans on San Andreso Island

U.S.A.National government denies mass arrival of Venezuelans on San...

San Andres. December 12, 2020. (Colpresa – Camila Diaz)

In connection with the information being circulated through social networks of some residents of San Andres Island, in which they indicate that the national government Supporting the mass arrival of Venezuelan citizens in the region, Migración Colombia denies this and classifies it as fake news,

According to the organization, to date there are 12 Venezuelan citizens who are based on the island of San Andrés. Also, the number The migrants living on the island are as high as 0.02% Of the total population of the place, which according to the Danes is 63,692 inhabitants.

“It is important to specify that all citizens of Venezuela who are located on the island, with regular resident visas, or, upgraded its regularization process with the Colombian Immigration Authority, as well as their residence application process, before the Office of Circulation and Residence Control – OCCRE”, said Migration.

The organization also called on the island’s population to avoid creating and repeating a series of false information that has created panic and anxiety among residents of the region.

“We invite the inhabitants of the island Do not stigmatize those immigrants of Venezuelan nationality From this year till now, according to the data managed by OCCRE, more than 4,400 Venezuelan citizens have arrived on the island for tourism, thus contributing to the economy of the region,” he said.

How many Venezuelans are there in Colombia?

Colombia has 1,842,390 registered Venezuelan expatriates, cut in August, which means 99,463 more people than last JanuaryAccording to a report from Migración Colombia.

In January, before the announcement of the temporary protection law for Venezuelan migrants, there were 1,742,927 in the country, meaning that Growth of 5.7% in seven months,

Director of Migration Colombia, Juan Francisco Espinosa, explained that these are not necessarily new migrants who have entered the country in these months, but there is more transparencyThanks for the regularization process.

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,We have managed to find a good portion of migrants (…) who did not turn up in the estimates because they are statistical modelsEspinosa said.

File photograph taken on March 25, in which a couple of Venezuelan migrants were registered walking one of the streets of Arauquita (Aruca Department, Colombia).  EFE / Jebrel Mosquera
File photograph taken on March 25, in which a couple of Venezuelan migrants were registered walking one of the streets of Arauquita (Aruca Department, Colombia). EFE / Jebrel Mosquera

Bogota remains the city with the highest concentration of Venezuela’s population, with 393,316 people, representing 21.7% of the total., followed by the departments of Antioquia, Norte de Santander and Atlántico.

Even then, Medellin was the city with the highest increase in population of Venezuela with 65%., followed by Cali, which had increased by 41% between January and August’s record of this year, and Bogota (16%).

“This does not mean that more Venezuelans have necessarily reached these points, it means that as a result of conservation legislation, awareness is being raised about mechanisms or transparency that would allow us to see those migrants which we had not seen before,” said the director of migration.

Of the 1.8 million migrants registered by Migración Colombia, 344,688 “remained regular”, So that There is no need or need to take advantage of the process of regularization of the statute of special protection,

and for the rest it has been possible to bring the process of regularization to 1,182,059 Venezuelans as of August, which means, that there “315,643 who remain irregular“And they have yet to start the process of taking advantage of the process that gives them a ten-year stay in Colombia.

The number of people who have started pre-registration rises to 1,199,947, of whom 52.2% are women.

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