Naturalization of 4 players of Indonesian descent, PSSI asks the public to be patient

SportsNaturalization of 4 players of Indonesian descent, PSSI asks...

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JAKARTA – General Chairperson (Ketum) of PSSI Mochamad Iriawan asking football lovers in the country to be patient about the naturalization of Sandy Walsh and others. The reason is, he doesn’t want to rush because he doesn’t want the Marc Klok incident to repeat itself.

The reason is, as is known, Persib Bandung’s mainstay midfielder, Marc Klok, still can’t defend Indonesian National team . According to Iriawan, the Dutch-born player has not been able to prove his lineage from his family lineage.

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Therefore, the man who is often called Iwan Bule wants to first confirm the lineage of Sandy Walsh, Mees Hilgers, Kevin Diks, and Jodi Amat. Yes, the search is indeed important so that the naturalization carried out is not in vain.

“Please be patient, we are also waiting (the naturalization process). We also have to really make sure that they really are of Indonesian descent,” said Iriawan at a press conference at the PSSI office, Jakarta on Tuesday (11/23/2021).

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“Don’t be like Marc Klok all of a sudden, there is no lineage (descendants) from his parents, grandmother and so on. I definitely want to be better sooner, please be patient,” he continued.

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Iriawan also said that he had formed a special team for the naturalization process of the four players. PSSI Executive Committee member Hasani Abdulgani was appointed to handle the process.

“Everything is in the process. We have appointed Exco Hasani Abdulgani to handle the process. He talked to his agent. Please be patient,” he said.


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