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NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX ID, Stats, Rank, K/D Ratio and YouTube Revenue for June 2022

Nayan Shelke, NayanAsin recognized by the Free Fire community in India, is one of the most recognizable content creators in the country. He co-runs the Assassin Army channel with Huzai Asin, and the two have been uploading gaming-related videos for the past few years.

Their subscribers and views are currently over 6.79 million and 854.3 million respectively. In addition to this, Nayan also has a vlog channel, Nayan Shelke Vlogs, with 22,900 subscribers.

Below is NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX ID and more details.

NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX ID, Ranking and Statistics

NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX ID is 148880273, he is the leader of the Assassin Legion guild, and the guild ID number is 60645836.

The content creator is currently third in Battle Royale mode and second in Clash Squad mode.

lifetime statistics

NayanAsin’s lifetime data (image via Garena)

NayanAsin has played 873 solo matches and won 111 first places with a winning rate of 12.71%. He accumulated 1530 kills and 344 headshots, maintaining a K/D ratio of 2.01 and a headshot rate of 22.48%.

In the two-player mode, Nayan won 614 of 2,167 games, with a winning percentage of 28.33%. Scored 5,672 times, headshot 835 times, K/D ratio 3.65, headshot rate 14.72%

The YouTuber has won 3,360 group games out of 11,765 games, a 28.55% win rate. In the process, he scored a total of 33,014 kills and 6,470 headshots, with a K/D ratio of 3.93 and a headshot rate of 19.60%.

Ranking Statistics

NayanAsin's ranking data (image via Garena)NayanAsin's ranking data (image via Garena)
NayanAsin’s ranking data (image via Garena)

In the ongoing ranked season, NayanAsin has played two squad matches and has a Booyah, maintaining a 50.00% win rate. He has completed 6 kills and 3 headshots, securing a K/D ratio of 6.00 and a 50.00% headshot rate.

He has yet to compete in any ranked singles or duos.

computer career

NayanAsin's CS career stats (image via Garena)NayanAsin's CS career stats (image via Garena)
NayanAsin’s CS career stats (image via Garena)

In Free Fire MAX’s Clash Squad mode, NayanAsin participated in 2074 games and won 1372 games, corresponding to a win rate of 66.15%. He has 9368 kills with 3524 headshots, a KDA of 1.95 and a headshot percentage of 37.62%.

Note: NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX stats were recorded at the time of writing. The stats may change as he plays more games in the game.

NayanAsin’s YouTube earnings

NayanAsin's earnings from YouTube (Image via Social Blade)NayanAsin's earnings from YouTube (Image via Social Blade)
NayanAsin’s earnings from YouTube (Image via Social Blade)

The monthly revenue of the Assassin Army YouTube channel ranges from $43,000 to $69,100. Annual income is between $51.9K and $829.6K. (Source: Social Blade)

YouTube channel


NayanAsin and HuzaiAsin worked very hard to develop the Assassin Army YouTube channel. Their earliest video was uploaded in November 2019 and has since been uploaded more than 735 times. The most popular video has more than 36 million views.

According to Social Blade, they have gained 70,000 subscribers and 17.284 million views in the past 30 days alone.

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