NBA / 39 points to beat Corey Brooks: We just want to win the game

Grizzlies forward Brooks (right) scored 12 points in 11th place. (Reuters)

On the 11th, the Grizzlies relied on a 7-man team to score in double digits at home and win the game without Ja Morant.WarriorThe team scored 39 points, which not only took the series to the sixth game, but also fought against the Warriors’ core controls.blank(Stephen Curry) said before the game that he would blow up the Grizzlies.

Prior to the fifth game on 11th, Warriors controller Curry spoke with the media about the game plan on the 11th, and responded with the Grizzlies’ household slogan “Whoop that trick”. The Grizzlies, Who Return in Game 11, Let the Warriors Swallow Recent YearsplayoffsMost embarrassing defeat.

Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks, who scored 12 points in 11th place and performed well on the defensive end, said after the game that he hadn’t heard of Curry’s interview, “I didn’t notice it, but we all knew that. We have to win.. This game, I don’t care if he’s trying to add fuel to the fire, but it doesn’t matter.”

As far as Desmond Bain is concerned, he was one of three Grizzlies to score 21 points in 11th place, and his field plus-minus even tied LeBron James to a playoff record of “+46”. Reached. James and Jimmy Butler, talking about the team’s performance on the 11th, they said: “We are more focused and understand the importance of the game, we will try to get the game back here, that’s our The goal is, people think whether we can do it or not, but we always believe and don’t put any limits on ourselves.”

As for the Warriors, however, they lost on Day 11, in the final stages of the game, when Grizzlies’ home fans chanted “Whoop that trick” and waved a towel in response to Curry, Warriors Green (Draymond Green). ) also danced. Chicken. He said after the game: “I don’t agree that people only interact with fans when they win. I appreciate the spectators at the Grizzlies home tonight.”

After extending the battle line for Game 6, Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins also revealed that Morant would continue to miss the next game, but when it comes to the team’s performance on the 11th, he said: ” I have to quote the players. What they said is ‘We have a solid bench, no matter who is missing, we will try to win’.


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