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NBA/Brown acting Warriors coach 12-game winning streak interrupted two games and led the Grizzlies by only 45.7 seconds

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Mike Brown, who is about to take over as Kings head coach, and Steve Kerr, who acted as proxy for triggering health safety protocols in these two games, faced bitter consequences. .

Under his command, two gamesWarriorWith only a 45.7-second lead, the rest of the time was in a beating position. In the fifth game on the 11th, he once lost 55 points in the game. The offensive and defensive data was almost completely broken, and the final defeat was 39 points. This is Brown’s first loss as interim Warriors head coach after a 12-game winning streak.

Since the coaching record still counts on Kerr, this loss also dates back to the time when Kerr coached the Warriors.playoffsThe record for most points lost was the previous maximum of 30 points, which appeared in 2016ChampionshipThird fight.

Although the Warriors series took the lead in a 3–1 draw, the rest of the game was faced with tough conditions, except for a 30-point win over the Grizzlies in Game 3. One statistic shows the Warriors’ lead time in this series is only 58 minutes, while the Grizzlies are as high as 182 minutes, more than double the difference.

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NBA/Jokochi Lianzhuang Annual MVP wears a helmet and rides to receive the trophy

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