Tuesday, August 9, 2022

NBA/Chinese senior Zhou Qichuan expects an offer from Clippers

The South China Morning Post reported a few days ago that the best-of-five had won the recognition of the best-of-five in the Asian Cup a while back, and that Chinese biggie Zhou Qi may be getting it.nbaspeedboatOffering the team, he played for the Rockets in the past from 2017 to 2019, and played for Australian Basketball last season.

There are also reports that Zhou Qi and his agents are currently in Los Angeles, but the latter said he would not comment on current rumours. Some Chinese football critics believe that Zhou Qi is less likely to return to the NBA, and that he is more likely to resolve the contract problem and return to China to play in the CBA.

The Clippers only renewed center Ivica Zuback this summer, but they also lost Isaiah Hartenstein, who emerged from the cocoon last season. The latter decided to join the Knicks, which the Clippers really lacked the height of the penalty area.


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