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NBA/Curry Leading Three-Pointer Warriors Eliminate Grizzlies and Enter Western Championship

The Warriors eliminated the Grizzlies 110-96. (The Associated Press)

The first 5 games of the series were off the bench. Kevon Looney, the only 82-game player on the team this season, returned to the starting lineup on the 13th. Not only did he score 22 rebounds, including 11 valuable offensive rebounds, plusblank(Stephen Curry) Key three-pointer,WarriorFinished the Grizzlies with 110:96.

The game took away the haze of suspension and the low spirit of the game. Dillon Brooks scored 18 points in the first 2 quarters, and Desmond Bain added 10 points in the third quarter, with the Grizzlies biting the Warriors all the way. In the final quarter also at 6 minutes 55 seconds, they took a 2 point lead, but then the Warriors captured the game and played a formidable team.

The Warriors eliminated the Grizzlies 110-96.  (The Associated Press)
The Warriors eliminated the Grizzlies 110-96. (The Associated Press)

Wiggins (Andrew Wiggins) first tosses a three-pointer in turn, and then catches a fast break dunk. Then Kerui also jumped out to join the fight, not only staging the signature Emergency Stop three-pointer, but also transferring the registered trademark long-distance kung fu. The Warriors’ attack climaxed when Rooney broke a relentless offensive rebound and Klay Thompson hit a three-pointer.

In terms of data, Thompson scored 30 points, the team’s highest, Curry followed with 29 points, Wiggins added 18 points, the Warriors completely dominated the air, and Draymond Green scored 70 rebounds in addition to Rooney. With 16 rebounds achieved. Joe was out 2–4, with Brooks leading with 30 points, and Bain betting 25 points. Jaa Morant is still out with an injury, and Steve Kerr is still unable to coach.

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