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NBA / Durant shouted “sell me” boss Cai Chongxin: Nets fully supported coaching team

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After Nets top star Kevin Durant shouted “sell me” to the team later this year in the season, it was recently reported that he had given owner Cai Chongxin an ultimatum, calling on the team to call him and head coach Steve Nash was asked to join. ) and General Manager Sean Marks (Sean Marks), Cai Chongxin is also very personal todaysocial networking siteExpressed his support for the coaching team and the top management of the team.


After Durant shouted “Sell me” season after season, the trade rumors were only heard and disappeared. The main reason is that the nets asked for a very high price. Not only did they want to involve the players immediately, but also expected them to be involved in the change. Multiple future draft picks allow some teams to have enough chips to match.

Recently, it has been reported that Durant told Nets owner Kai Chongxin that he still has the possibility to stay in the team, but that the team should make a choice between him, head coach Nash, and general manager Max, making it also reveals that they have to the extent of incompetence with the team management.

However, today Cai Chongxin immediately expressed through his personal community that he would fully support the team’s senior management and coaching team, and make the best decisions for the Nets together; Although nothing was alleged in Cai Chongxin’s post, he also expressed that the management-level support made Durant’s situation even more embarrassing.

Durant, 33, still has a 4-year contract worth around $200 million, so the Nets are in no hurry to kick him out. It remains to be seen whether this uproar will accelerate the trading momentum of the nets.



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