NBA / Harden stayed in the second half and hit Ambid: he is no longer Harden of the Rockets

Embiid said that Harden is no longer the player he was with the Rockets, but a playwright. Getty Images

After losing by 9 points to the 76ers Heat at home on 12th, the series ended 2–4. The Dane (James Harden) has also become the target of public criticism, but he also insists that the second half of the offense goes without a point, for this year’s highly anticipated status but ultimately missed out on the Eastern Conference Championship. The options will be exercised this summer, and next season the team will be helped as much as possible.

After a 35-point loss to the Heat in the previous game, the 76ers still played hard when they returned to home court today, especially in the third quarter when the offense closed and only 15 points for the Heat to lay the groundwork . to win. The main scorer Harden was in the first half. After scoring 11 points, he did not score a point in the second half, and he also set a career record of playing more than 40 minutes but 0 free throws in his first game. , which became one of the main reasons for the inability of 76 people to counterattack.

Talking about scoring only two shots and not a single point in the second half, Harden bluntly stated after the game that the team’s offensive action continued in the second half, but the ball never came to him. Asked if he will continue with Season 76, he said, “I’m going to be here and do whatever I can to help the team win and make the team stronger.”

As far as head coach Doc Rivers is concerned, he also emphasized that the game should not be used to criticize Harden, “I do not want to use this game as a criticism of Harden. We win by the whole team, and lose by it. Team responsibility, we’ve been so distracted this season, we’re missing out on the second best player on the team, and a lot of people don’t think that We are in this situation.”

And Joel Embiid also spoke about Harden’s performance performance, saying: “Ever since we got him, everyone expected his performance when he played the Rockets, but he’s no longer the player he was.” He was. He’s playing too much of a playwright, I think he can play more aggressively than the rest of us can, whether it’s Tobias Harris, Tyrese Maxi or the rest of the bench.”

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