Saturday, August 6, 2022

NBA/Media Reveal Three-Party Trade Negotiation Proposal Wei Shao, Michelle Qi Change Owners

Nick’s ambition to acquire jazz star Donovan Mitchell is clear, andlakersThe Russell Westbrook rumors never stopped. Now Hoopsheep reporter Michael Scotto reveals that the three parties had negotiated a deal proposal for what they wanted.

Scato explained that in this trade plan, the Jazz would remove Westerbrook’s contract and purchase a large number of draft picks from the Knicks. For the Lakers, Jordan Clarkson, Bojan Bogdanovic, Patrick Beverly and Malik Beasley won 2 of them.

As for Nick, he gets the coveted Michelle, but Scato states that to balance the salary, he may have to pay more for Derrick Rose. In addition, the Lakers are also hoping to win Cam Reddish. But Scato noted that a possible three-way deal was discussed a few weeks ago, and there has been no further development so far.


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