NBA Plus Division Championship MVP Named After Magic Johnson, Bird

The NBA announced the addition of the East and West Championship Most Valuable Player Awards, which will be named after Hall of Fame stars Bird and Magic Johnson. (Taken from the official Twitter of the NBA)

american basketballnbaIt was announced today that the East and West Championship will be named after Hall of Famers Bird and Magic Johnson, in addition to the Most Valuable Player Awards.

Agence France-Presse reports that the Eastern Conference Championship’s MVP award is the former.BostonLarry Bird Trophy named after Celtics superstar; MVP of the Western Conference ChampionshipLos AngelesThe Ervin “Magic” Johnson Trophy, named after a Lakers legend.

Magic Johnson said, “I’m honored to have my name in the Western Conference Championship MVP Trophy. A player who wins must perform well on both ends of the floor, help his teammates play better, and keep his teammates at bay. Teams should be led up to the best. In basketball. Great stage.”

Bird and Magic Johnson were the most famous rivals in the NBA in the 1980s, and their rivalry also inspired the style of the modern NBA.

“I am honored to have my name associated with the Eastern Conference Championship MVP,” Bird said.

The Eastern and Regional Championship trophies will also feature the names of NBA greats. The Eastern Division champion is the Bob Kusey Trophy, and the Western Division champion is the Oscar Robertson Trophy.

Since 1984, the “O’Brien Trophy” (Larry O’Brien Trophy), awarded to NBA champions, has been named after a former NBA commissioner, and the design of the trophy has changed slightly since then. So is the trophy given to the MVP of the championship game since 2009 and named after former Celtic legend Bill Russell.

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