Wednesday, July 6, 2022

NBA/Warriors King Parade Shocked to See “Goat” Wearing Kerui’s No. 30 Jersey

Warriors celebrate the monarchy in San FranciscoprocessionA large number of fans crowded the scene, and some were simple, allowing the goat to represent the meaning of “greatest in history” and wear it.blank(Stephen Curry) The jerseys took to the streets together, which even attracted the deity to stop the parade bus and specially come down to take pictures.

The fan also revealed that the goat was a pet he had bought from the farm. As for Ke Rui, who clearly enjoyed the parade, he also specially put on a necklace made of three championship rings, which he had seen in the past. won in, and also tweeted a photo of the parade, holding a cigar in his mouth and holding the West Crown andChampionshipThe MVP calls out and lifts the championship trophy: “What else can they say now?”


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