Nekuino begins developing a device that allows you to receive sanitary napkins in the bathroom for free, and will start offering it in March 2022 | Today Nation News

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On October 20, Nekuino, which operates the app “Smaruna” (Android version / iOS version) that prescribes pills for online medical examinations, is a device that can receive sanitary napkins by simply holding a smartphone with a dedicated app installed in the women’s toilet. Announced that development has started. We aim to solve more essential women’s issues in order to reduce the financial burden on women and eliminate the gender gap. Demonstration experiments using the beta version after January 2022 are scheduled to start in March of the same year.

In this business, Nekuino will implement two-way communication points through the screen, taking advantage of the characteristics of a private private room space called a toilet.

  • Providing useful information for women’s problem solving: Establish an advertising model business by delivering useful information to enrich women’s lives.If you are interested in the information you appealed to, we will provide a UX that leads to product use through QR code etc.
  • “Opinion box” that delivers the voice of women to society: We will set up a questionnaire that can answer YES / NO for specific issues and advertising products, and aim to obtain feedback that is useful for corporate R & D.This function will be commercialized as a premium plan for the advertising model.

Nekuino has provided opportunities for casual consultation with an environment where sanitary napkins can be used freely, such as by implementing an online health room x free sanitary napkin provision project in collaboration with educational institutions. Due to the nature of sanitary napkins, it is not possible to prevent cases that are suddenly needed, and this is one of the major issues that was originally desired to be solved. Through Femtech, Nekuino will participate in this initiative to contribute to the enrichment of women’s lives, face emerging women’s issues, and promote the revitalization of the femtech market.

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In order to get the business into full swing, Nekuino will place the highest priority on dialogue with companies and local governments that operate facilities in a wide range of industries. We aim to solve essential and sustainable problems in the toilet space by sharing issues from commercial facilities and public facilities that have accumulated the voices of women and multiplying them with a large amount of sexual data that Nekuino has analyzed so far. ..

Since this product is developed as an IoT device, it is possible to continuously update the service through the cloud. Regularly aggregate requests from toilet users and facilities, and continue essential service expansion with various co-creation partners. In addition, by linking the strengths cultivated through the development of Smarna’s services with this business, it is aiming to provide an opportunity for smarter “online medical examinations.”


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