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Netizens who reviewed the movie after Stephen Chow drank old red wine were only worried: “I’ve been drinking for a few more months.”

hong kongcomedy legendStephen ChowRecently, a photo of “UB personally approved” was shared on a social platform. In the photo, the star is drinking red wine while browsing a short video submitted by fans, but netizens focused on the red wine bottle. Some netizens pointed out that this old wine is sold online. The price is close to HK$54,000, so some fans left a message and said with a smile: “It’s been feeding me for a few more months!”

Stephen Chow has been active on the Internet this year. He previously announced the filming of the movie “Shaolin Women’s Football”, and held several auditions to interact with amateurs. He also held a recruitment short film “Nobody’s Imitation Show” on social platforms. People are required to copy or adapt their own characters into a 1 minute short film. A scene from a classic comedy; He recently shared a photo on another social network change account, in which he was watching a recruitment video while enjoying red wine.

According to widespread media reports, this is not the first time that the star has personally watched a short film presented by fans, and once again enjoyed it while drinking red wine. No wonder netizens focused on red wine.

Reports suggest that the wine Mr Star is drinking this time is a 1981 French Henri Jair Vosne-Romney red wine. This vintage wine from a famous winery that is more than 40 years old is currently selling for close to HK$54,000 online, so some fans left messages and laughed. : “Drink me for a few more months!” But early last year, the star once drank Hong Kong dollars’ worth of red wine while watching a movie.Jay ChouIn the MV photos, netizens laughed and asked whether Mr. Xing’s drinking limit is different depending on the “drinking video”.



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