New Communities Reshape Your Life

On the face of it, the search, planning, decision-making and eventual selection involved in purchasing a new construction home seems to revolve around the structure itself.

But the process — and the relocation itself — produced more than a home filled with gleaming cleanrooms and modern, energy-efficient and comfortable spaces.

To choose a new building is to design a new way of life from scratch.

built for people

From Santa Rosa to Discovery Bay to Lafayette, Dublin, Santa Clara, Hollister and everything in between Between cities in the Greater Bay Area, the new building represents a new starting point on a road less traveled. Each new community has contemporary attributes and its own emerging personality.

Each new neighbor can play a role in creating the community and the identity of each neighborhood, street, or parkway within it.

On your next new home tour, ask the builder’s community sales representative what it’s like to move into a new home community.

There’s a good chance they’ll tell you directly, not because they work for a builder, but because they recently moved into a new residential community with the builder themselves.

Please also ask the builder’s representative for references to recent buyers. People who love where they live are eager to share why.

Crafted lifestyle

In addition to the organic aspects of human interaction and geography, each unique brand new development or community offers its own set of features that create a way of life within the new family life. While builders aim to meet the needs of a variety of buyer types in each neighborhood, buyers must determine what is best for their needs.

Knowing that a new home is more than just the building itself, every new community or multi-unit building offers a range of amenities to meet the needs of every lifestyle.

Therefore, it’s a smart idea to visit as many new residential communities as possible and join the interest list, where even the slightest interest can be piqued.

Meeting with several builders can provide insight to help buyers prioritize their lifestyle preferences. Remember, builders want their buyers to be happy for years or decades, and having community representatives ask questions that will help them—and you—understand your needs and goals.

Be prepared to ask your own questions. Be prepared for surprises. It’s not uncommon for buyers to discover lifestyle priorities they hadn’t considered before.

For some, the ideal lifestyle includes well-maintained walkways and bike paths, dog parks, shared gathering areas, sports fields, community gardens, playgrounds, public spaces or water recreation just steps from the house.

For others, the perfect lifestyle means a patio with mountain views, a rooftop balcony, an indoor fitness center with great service, a swimming pool, upscale gathering spaces or an easy walk to shopping and public transportation.

More people may be looking for a lively community vibe for those over 55, while others may prefer a quieter setting or even a gated community.

pride and joy

Inherent in any home purchase is ownership. But that pride is multiplied when buying a new building on land that has never been someone else’s home.

Especially on land with intrinsic value found in the Bay Area and surrounding Northern California cities and counties.

Even with low housing inventory and high prices—another article on this topic here—the value of owning a home in the Bay Area and Northern California cannot be overemphasized.

When the zip code here is combined with modern convenience, structural soundness, contemporary building practices, technology and the energy efficiency of new construction, buying also brings decision-making confidence.

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