New Financial Agreement: Delegates from Jalisco condemn budget constraints to work with dignity

U.S.A.New Financial Agreement: Delegates from Jalisco condemn budget constraints...

He condemned the budget constraints for Jalisco (Photo: FILE)

This Wednesday, November 24, back Citizens Movement (MC) inside the Chamber of Deputies condemned the inequality with which they have been given federal budget to the unit of from Jalisco, This is because the state that governs Enrique Alfaro Contributes eight out of every 100 pesos from the treasury, but only two are returned.

deputy Mirza FloresInside the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro, the vice-president of the Orange Party explained that the economy of the unit 31% increase in last 10 years, However, government transfers have increased by 23%, which indicates an unequal position in federal financial affairs. He also said that the shortage of resources has worsened in the last three years.

During a press conference, MC legislators pointed out that the budget for the entity for 2022, approved by the legislative majority, is not justified, as it was the last state to receive resources from federal participation despite being the fourth economy in the republic. till National Institute of Statistics and Geography ,inegi,

MC representatives expect the fiscal agreement to be renegotiated (Photo: Courtesy / Chamber of Deputies)
MC representatives expect the fiscal agreement to be renegotiated (Photo: Courtesy / Chamber of Deputies)

To argue for unequal allocation of resources Federation Expenditure Budget ,pef), deputies had five points that reveal budget constraints to better operate and guarantee rights such as health and education.

1.- Regarding didactic, the unit received only 13,000 pesos per student, as per PEF 2020, while in other institutions they received up to 30,000 pesos.

2.- Regarding the protection, Jalisco received only 35 pesos per resident from the Security Contribution Fund in PEF 2021, when other entities received more than seven times the unit.

3.- Despite global pandemicDuring 2021, Jalisco will receive 2,490 pesos per resident in health matters, despite the fact that in other institutions they more than doubled: to 5,925 pesos.

Photo: Screenshot of Twitter / @EnriqueAlfaroR
Photo: Screenshot of Twitter / @EnriqueAlfaroR

4.- Inequality in Matter didactic: Subsidizes 48% of Jalisco’s spending University of Guadalajara, but Mexico City does not contribute a single peso One,

5.- Lack of support of municipalities. Feather urban development fund, which represents 0.50% of the federation’s budget, was distributed to the country’s 2,469 municipalities.

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This lack of budget for Jalisco and the complaints of cuts in various branches was supported by Mario Alberto Rodriguez, María Asensín, Sergio Barrera, Alvia Yolanda Martínez, Horacio Fernández, Leticia Chavez and Salvador Caro, all members of MC, which are also of the same party Enrique Alfaro, Governor of the unit under consideration.

In the end, Orange Party extremists closed ranks with Alfaro and supported the idea of ​​setting up a consultation. fiscal agreement To be done in the following weeks, in response to Citizens Table for Fiscal Agreement Analysis,

They ask the federal executive to review the fiscal agreement to renegotiate the unit's contribution (Photo: Presidency)
They ask the federal executive to review the fiscal agreement to renegotiate the unit’s contribution (Photo: Presidency)

creation of proposal “The New Agreement: Equity and Fiscal Solidarity” It aims to discuss and analyze with state residents the steps to be followed to achieve a fair budget, which will include renegotiating with the federal government regarding contributions.

Please note that on October 5th Alfaro Ramirez proposes a new financial settlement, with the intent that the contributions the state makes to the union, as well as the resources derived from it, are reviewed for more equitable economic exchange.

Against this background, the head of the local executive stated that the distribution is not fair, as the benefits received by the state are not commensurate with the size of its economy. Furthermore, he said, “Jalisco has the third highest GDP per capita in the country, but it is the last state in terms of per capita resources of the federation”.

This situation is not new because, like Alfaro, the other nine governors sought renegotiation of the so-called financial agreement, for which they joined a group called federal coalition ,NS, However, he was unsuccessful, as President. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ,Amlo) never received them in his office.

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