New Heartbeat? Melissa Paredes Rodrigo boasts a bouquet of red roses after separating from Cuba

U.S.A.New Heartbeat? Melissa Paredes Rodrigo boasts a bouquet...

America Hoy’s former driver found flowers in the process of moving. (Photo: Instagram)

exactly a week after reconciliation Rodrigo Cuba, Melissa Paredes He surprised more than one person on social networks by bragging that he had received a bouquet of red roses. Who sent them to you?

Through his official Instagram account, Hoy, the former US driver, has dedicated himself to sharing his moving process with all his followers.

Even then, While decorating his house with a Christmas theme, he was surprised that someone had sent him a huge bouquet of red roses.

“Look at this wonder, I’m coming home”, he expressed showing the details. And this surprise? I’m just going to see whose it is”, Held.

Netizens noticed that Melissa didn’t reveal much about the sender. Instead, he uploaded more stories from the present.

Of course, users have left open the possibility that Anthony Aranda, a dancer she was safe with, has been in charge of surprising her.

It is to be noted that till now the model has not removed the pictures which are with the controversial ‘activator’ on Instagram. However, they have already removed the publications where ‘Cat’ Cuban appears.

This isn’t the first time she was surprised by a rose

In October 2021, shortly before Melissa and Anthony Aranda’s amp was released, the model recorded the exact moment Rodrigo in Cuba surprised her with a tender gift.

When she was dancing to the rhythm of “Koram” by Raw Alejandro for a TikTok video, the football player interrupted for a few moments to hand her a bouquet of red roses.

The funny thing about the moment is that Melissa revealed that she had parted ways with Cuba by then, as she had confessed her feelings for the dancer months earlier.

Melissa records her former partner's surprise.  (Photo: Tiktok)
Melissa records her former partner’s surprise. (Photo: Tiktok)

even, NS Nana De Paredes He told Amor y Fuego that he believed the couple was going to solve their marital problems, as Rodrigo was a retailer with the model until before Empe.

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“Until the last time, he brought her roses and I happily said ‘they’re fixed’ because I told him she was too far from him”, he pointed.

Rodrigo Cuba has already passed the page

After Rodrigo signed a deal with Cuba’s Melissa Paredes, the soccer player has decided to turn the page and start his new life with a radical change.

As it is remembered, on this November 11 it was determined that the husband and wife were still they will have a common tenure In addition to sharing the expenses of little Mia equally. They also agreed to divorce by mutual consent and not on grounds of infidelity.

After leaving the reconciliation center, the athlete did not hesitate to celebrate it through his social networks and published a photo of his lawyer and his father, explaining that the only winner in this cumbersome process was his daughter. Later, we see him getting a haircut in a barbershop. However, that was not all, Rodrigo published the image with the musical background of the song 911 by Seich & Jha Cortez.

You can listen to a part of the song in its entirety: “I told God, protect me from evil and I was single. Life if you were, then I’m dying, damn. I heard a so-called: I brought it back. You don’t have magic anymore, by your hat The rabbit also fell, A clear message that he has already closed his chapter with the former model. In another publication you can see a tattoo on her neck, where the name of her daughter is read.

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