New lockdowns rock Wall Street in Europe, closed for a week with ups and downs

U.S.A.New lockdowns rock Wall Street in Europe, closed for...

A trader looks at his screen at the New York Stock Exchange (Photo: Reuters)

increased concern for covid,19 from this point of view New prisons imminent in Europe Many sectors were affected on Friday, due to which action and to petroleum And pushing the dollar.

wall Street driven unevenly, with a new record high of Nasdaq Thank you at the time of opening for the good performance of technological and a fall in the industrial average Dow Jones for fear of stalling economic recovery. For the week, the S&P 500 index is up 0.32%, the Dow Jones is down 1.38% and the Nasdaq is up 1.24%.

world stock index of MSCI it is 0.16% and european papers a. fell from a record height as the ghost of New prison in Germany And the outlook for the global economy has been darkened by COVID in other parts of Europe.

The market went into a tailspin after it became known Austria To become the first Western European country to reimpose a total lockdown to combat a new wave of coronavirus infections, amid signs that Germany may follow suit.

,Total shutdown in Germany would be very bad news for economic recovery“said Ludovic Colin of Vontobel, Swiss asset manager.”We saw in July and August this year in parts of the world where delta was critical: (COVID-19) came back and slowed down the recovery again.,

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brought about these concerns 3% crude oil prices, while investors were betting on safe-haven assets such as Dollar,

The dollar advanced 0.4% and was on the verge of closing for the fourth consecutive week on the rise. NS auro Spot was also gaining momentum, with prices correcting 0.19% to $1,862.03 an ounce.

Display of United States Treasury Bond It was also falling on COVID fears as investors took refuge. The benchmark 10-year notes showed a return of 1.522% after falling to 1.515%, the lowest since November 10.

United States House of Representatives $ 1.75 trillion social spending project approved on Friday, which if becomes law would complement some of President Joe Biden’s top priorities, such as new funds to fight climate change.

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Austria ordered a mandatory confinement and vaccination against COVID for the entire population

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