New open arms rescue, 130 people in two canoes

WorldNew open arms rescue, 130 people in two canoes

  • EL PERIÓDICO Begins with open arms and sails on the ship ‘Astral’ in search of the stranded in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

  • NGO with Italian Finance Guard rescues 130 Bangladeshis and two cayucos along with Syrians

he raised his arms victory sign, raised his fists or bowed with an open palm. Some were smiling happily. Others looked with wide eyes with great curiosity. Some had a mixture of disbelief, fear and confusion on their faces. And there were those who took out their mobiles to immortalize the moment of rescue and did not forget the women and men open arms who found them two cayucos. crammed in To get across interior, where more So far this year 1,300 people have drowned Trying to reach European shores.

The rescue took place at sunset in international waters on Sunday, About 30 nautical miles from the Italian island of Lampedusa, After a week-long critical Astral mission, one of the two ships of Badalona NGO Dedicated to sea ​​rescue, the ship really ran two cayucos on the horizon whereas He was on the way to another boat in trouble. Later Four days of powerlessness due to a mechanical failure in Menorca, it was time to take action. “With your permission, I Check the status of these two boats”, reported its Greek captain, Savas Kourpinis, to the maritime communications station Radio Lampedusa. On board the race began to activate rescue equipment, led by a semi-rigid boat with two lifeguards, a captain and two journalists, one of them Newspaper.

“Are you okay, is anyone injured?” Open Arms founder Oscar Camp, shouted in English when he reached Cayucos’ first place. Fat fingers in the air in approval. With the weather as well as a sleek Even the sea which has hardly any waves.None of them were hurt, according to their answer, but they were running out of fuel, as he was commissioned to emphasize the branding of empty diesel drums in water. In all, about 130 people traveled in the two kayukos. all the men and, except one Syrian, who managed to make himself heard amidst the roar of the engines, All originally from Bangladesh, a country thousands of kilometers off the Mediterranean coast, As for the events on their way, they could say nothing more as none of them would climb the Astral, who soon reported their position to the Italian authorities.

failed state

The Cayucos had left the shores of Zuara (Libya) two days earlier, the main country of departure for the arrival of refugees and irregular migrants in Italy, So far this year, more than 59,000 people have made their way to the Mediterranean by boats and in Cayucos, according to their Home Minister said this week. Gaddafi’s former fiefdom, transformed into a failed state controlled by various armed factions since NATO intervention, is a bottomless pit for human rights, with torture, sexual abuse, labor exploitation and arbitrary arrests. “Organize & rdquo; Against migrants, as condemned by the United Nations.

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But both Italy and the EU equip and finance their coast guards to curb migrant flows and internal migrants Stopped in their scary detention centers, Nothing matters to them that those Coast Guards are led by Abd al-Rahman Milad, also known as Bija, one of the biggest human traffickers in the North African country. But in this case, those rescued by Open Arms would not have to worry about heating up in Libya, as do others with less luck.

Just 15 minutes after a meeting with the rescuers of the Catalan NGO, who did not delay in informing the Italian authorities about the situation and conditions of Cayucos, a ship from its Finance Guard took them on board and escorted them to Italy. , a quick result and without failures to which the camp organization is accustomed, One who brings rescued people aboard a ship only when they are in imminent danger of death Or when none of the officials in the littoral countries respond to their calls for assistance.

search and rescue area

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The mission of the subtle, whatever it may be, is not over yet. As the ship approached the port of Lampedusa and entered the search and rescue area (SAR, for its acronym in English) Italian, a demarcation in which maritime law divides the Mediterranean Sea, forcing their respective countries to provide aid to ships in distress, the radio has not stopped playing, Shortly before the rescue, a fishing boat warned of a “very serious situation”; Experienced by a “wooden boat” it is believed that it will carry about 35 African people, including 20 children.very serious condition’, he repeatedly emphasized on Radio Lampedusa.

But finding those potential castaways isn’t easy. The Italian Coast Guard Doesn’t Always Respond Quickly And for NGOs it can be like finding a needle in a haystack, a haystack that is, in these latitudes, a big graveyard of broken dreams.

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