Wednesday, August 17, 2022

“New Super Heat Wave” Recorded Over 100 Degrees This Week

this summera heat waveThe trend is only likely to accelerate: The Washington Post reports that hardly any corner of the homeland will be immune until at least the middle of this month.high temperatureIts high-pressure heat dome is expanding, and heat waves above 100 degrees will spread to the central and southern parts of the country, affecting some 43 million people.

Pacific high pressure brought a record high temperature to the northwest. Average temperatures in Seattle reached 93.8 degrees for five consecutive days, second only to the record set in 1981 of 95 degrees; In Portland, where the average high temperature was 81.8 degrees, there were seven consecutive days at the end of July. Over 95 degrees in Northern California, a wildfire the size of two Disney parks burned down.

Pacific High in the Northwest has subsided a bit for now, but residual heat remains; However, another large heat dome is brewing, starting in Illinois and moving south, starting in eastern Oregon, Utah, Arizona, absorbing other heat domes along the way. ,TexasFlorida, New York and other states are all affected by heat domes.

In the hot dome’s zone of influence, high temperatures above 100 degrees are common, and it is estimated that about 43 million people will experience the taste; In the Corn Belt, Great Plains, Ozarks) and other areas, high temperature alerts have been issued in many places.

Louis on the first date is around 95 degrees, but due to the effects of humidity, body temperature can reach 100 to 110 degrees, in non-coastal areas of Texas, temperatures predicted after 2 tends to be a “minimum of 100 degrees,” including Dallas, other large cities that can break 100 degrees that day include Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and more.

By the third, body temperature forecasts for Chicago and Detroit will also exceed 100 degrees; On the 4th, the temperature forecast for Boston in the northeast will exceed 96 degrees, and the forecast for Albany, the capital of New York state, is 98. degree on that day, which is 1955. Highest temperatures in 2019, and New York City and Washington forecast body temperatures to be above 100 degrees that day.

As of the 5th, Rapid City, South Dakota’s second largest city, is forecast to reach 102 degrees, the highest temperature since 1964; After the 6th, a wave of cold air is predicted to cool temperatures in the northern region, but southern Iowa, including Texas, is likely to remain warm, and the heat wave may continue through the middle of the month .


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